Picking the Right Dress for Your Favorite Dangling Earrings

Sweet Bolted Crystal Squares Dangling Earrings - Olive
Sweet Bolted Crystal Squares Dangling Earrings – Olive

Haven’t you ever wondered how amazing you looked if you could perfectly match your favorite ensemble danglers with dress in your wardrobe? We have found the key to match and accessorize you in a subtle yet head turning manner.

Danglers as are fashioned in the market are earrings that have a solid, immovable point of attachment to the lobe and suspended to this is an eye-catching, airy, jingling design that makes your look perfect for any occasion.

Dressing up with dangling earrings can be very simple if you know what you are looking for. There are tons of options available in the fashion lane if dangling earrings are what you desire. You have metallic ones, studs and metal in combination, diamond ones or if you like to spice things up, there are earrings available in semiprecious stones as well.

The fastest way to fetch out best matching clothes for dangling earrings is to know your occasion well. What are you dressing up for? Is it a beach party, a fancy dinner, disco night, birthday party or just a Friday night out? Now, the next thing you must do is pick your dress that suits the need of the hour, say, if you have a dress that is low on show, you can try on dangling earrings that are a little (only a little) more than the occasion. It will bring attention to you in the party; something that your lay low dress would not have done on its own.

Another important thing to remember is the colors you wear. Your priced beauties may look really good on a particular dress but do they also go with the colour you decide to wear today? Also, do they look as good on a pair of shorts as they do on a ball gown? Here’s how to decide. If the clothes you choose are too showy or too gaudy, it would perhaps be a good idea to stick to the all-time favorite metallic or medium length dangling shines. If you have a shy dress, one which would not have a mouth of its own, that’s when you take out the magic danglers; semiprecious stones, diamonds, gold and diamonds, any matching dangling earrings that gives you a shining face and go’s with the dress.

Now, I know there are many, who would like to have perfectly matching dangling earrings with dresses to the absolute color of their outfit, I on the other hand feel it’s a great idea to try and mix similar looking colors. Don’t dress like you’re wearing a uniform, dress like you’re having a party. Say, if you have a yellow theme for a party, try dangling earrings matching in orange or faint red or even green if you like. Remember, fashion is what you make and not what you follow.

The best way to dress with danglers is to be wise and experimental at the same time. Wear what you are happy to sport. With the right hairdo, makeup and attitude, you will always end up having dangling earrings matching with dress.

SECRET BUSINESS INSIGHT: How to set up a successful jewelry business?

Colorful Gems Coral Design 18K Rose Gold Bangle
Colorful Gems Coral Design 18K Rose Gold Bangle

When it involves jewelry business success secrets, some of people’s curiosity becomes rancorous. Keeping in mind, the jewelry trade is very spectacular and glamorous; it’s necessary to grasp wherever you may slot in. This may assist you in managing your own jewelry business choices on the trail. Thus, to line up a self-made jewelry business, one ought to realize the priority data and tools needed. This article can discuss few tips which each jewelry business owner ought to keep in mind, to attain success.

1. Being Self-Restraint: Most significantly, it is necessary to be patient with yourself. Keep in mind that it will need time for you to find good jewelry supplier and make loyal customers. Make sure to locate the best source of jewelry suppliers since they will determine your future business margins and products and service qualities and try your best to satisfy your customers; as every customer takes the identical time to entrust you during this line of work. Thus, be patient, earnest and friendly with them to make them pleased.

2. Virtual Communications: In today’s world, you need to own your own blog, Facebook or a twitter account. Nevertheless, what the trade is, nearly any business will gain advantage from social media. You may be stunned; however, it seems to be an honest mean to extend your jewelry business. All you got to try is to build your own jewelry business page and post your jewelry footage and their costs beneath the page. Try to do this on a regular basis. This will help you to draw a lot of shoppers and customers and your friends and family would perceive your passion within the jewelry line.

3. Attracting Agents:  Try to find yourself an honest agent. It is quite hard to search out one, however not impossible. Be attentive when you are exhibiting at craft fairs and exhibitions; as agents will certainly approach you at that point. Thus, don’t forget to display jewelry exquisitely to attract more agents.

4. Verbal Evidence: Once running a business, you would like to blow your own trumpet and bring others to blow it too. Tell everybody you meet concerning what you are doing. Get your friends and family to wear your jewelry and tell others concerning it; don’t forget to wear it yourself. Before you recognize, you may begin owning an inventory of a lot of orders than never before.

5. E-mail Marketing: Everybody hates receiving junk emails; hence don’t ever purchase an inventory of random customers’ email addresses. Instead, collect relevant email contacts whenever potential. Keep a listing book at your trade fairs and exhibitions, so customers and agents, whoever is interested may inscribe their electronic message addresses for you. You may even encourage potential shoppers to render you their email addresses by having a raffle or prize draw. This suggests you may gather a lot of electronic message contacts and send your business data by email to them.

Putting up a self-made jewelry business may positively take time and far of effortful study. However, there is nothing safer than working with individuals sharing an identical desire as you. All you got to try to do is, hold a belief in yourself as a success will certainly not come to you in a day. You would have to stay consistent the whole time and have a passion for your own jewelry business.


Bohemian Beads Tassels Style Dangling Earrings - Orange
Bohemian Beads Tassels Style Dangling Earrings – Orange

Bohemian fashion jewellery is one of the most popular trends currently. Bohemian is one style that seems to resurface time and again with cheerful and bright colors that proclaim a care free attitude and what better style to wear this spring and bring in the sunshine? A plain white gown or top can come alive with the correct piece of bohemian style accessory. This trend lies in not conforming to the traditional styles and experimenting. Let us have a look at some of the Vogue fashion jewellery designs following the bohemian trend.


Colorful floral motifs are now popular, made in a variety of styles and materials. Braided and crocheted bracelets and neckpieces are a must have to add spice to any casual outfit and make you stand out. Bohemian look is not about having perfectly matched jewellery. It is about complementing the jewellery in such a way that it adds something to your look as well as conveys something about personality. Jewellery made out of natural materials like stones, leather, jute, ceramic and cotton is also in.

Neckpieces made of colorful fabric and embellished with shells and tiny mirrors are also in now. Since the bohemian style lies in going organic, jewellery pieces made from natural elements lend an authentic bohemian look. Layering is a bohemian trend now not just with the clothes but with the jewellery as well. Instead of wearing a single bold neckpiece, multiple strands of simple beaded strings, often contrasting with each other is chic now. Same with the bracelets, stacking them up, often each one of a different size or shape.

Exclusive handmade designs that make use of colorful beads, braided or crocheted in bright colors are a must have this season. Painted, colorful ceramic beads too are in the trend now. That enticing glam look of the 70s is back with contemporary designs done up the boho way. Chunky jewellery is has become a favorite with the fashionistas the world over.


Most of the bohemian style fashion jewellery this season is not just about making a style statement but a personal statement of who you are. You can go serene with pastel shades of peach, green, sea blue or opt for the bolder style with poppy reds, yellows, bright turquoise blues, pinks and oranges or stick to the earthy natural tones of reds, browns, greens and oranges. Whatever you choose, team it up with contrasting shades of clothes so that the accessories stand out and speak for themselves instead of getting camouflaged with the clothes.

Bohemian is hot on the fashion scene now with top designers innovating with this style and blending it seamlessly into the mainstream fashion. Fashion jewellery too is getting bolder this season not just with the colors but the kind of materials being experimented with. Go colourful, pick a bohemian look to suit your mind and accessories with the latest designs of fashion jewellery and flaunt your flamboyance in the chicest way possible.


Colorful Austrian Crystal and Zircon Inlaid Round Square Combo Pendant 18K Rose Gold Necklace
Colorful Austrian Crystal and Zircon Inlaid Round Square Combo Pendant 18K Rose Gold Necklace

Fashion jewellery is no longer just imitation or gilt jewellery that is looked upon as a low price alternative to the expensive fine jewellery. Over the years, it has grown into a craft that has seen various innovations and the creative spirit of many acclaimed fashion designers. Fine jewellery exudes class and style; it is the ultimate choice for making a statement about the status and social class of the wearer. Even today, they are seen as status symbols by many. However, the fashion jewellery is not about the status or class but rather speaks about the individuality of the wearer.

Fashion jewellery was made popular long back when many famous designers opted for these while designing for some famous women. There are various examples in the fashion history of twentieth century where beautiful movie stars and other famous women have boldly flaunted their fashion jewellery when they could have easily afforded fine jewellery. Brands like Swarovski have contributed in making fashion jewellery a trend. Since then, they have become an epitome of style and class and are always a favourite on international fashion ramps.


Fashion jewellery design is seen as a creative job and it is rightly so. What makes this so interesting is that these jewellery allow for more flexible patterns and motifs, which do not have to confirm to the traditional jewellery designs. Just the way they impart exclusiveness to the wearer, they are crafted from numerous unique ideas that inspire the designer and take shape in their creative hands.

Right from coming up with a design idea to deciding on the right materials and giving them shape, designing fashion jewellery is an exhilarating journey because creating something beautiful to be treasured is always an uplifting experience.


What makes fashion jewelry design so unique is the chance to experiment with various metals and materials, something which cannot be done with fine jewellery. Metals like brass, copper, aluminium, steel, nickel, gun metal, etc. are made use of while many natural materials and substances like leather, fabric, silk, jute, ceramic, acrylic, terracotta and wood are used to give a different look to these designs.

The availability of such a wide range of materials and their versatility leaves room for the designers to give free reign to their imagination and create pieces of singular beauty. The chance to explore a lot of materials helps the designer to draw inspiration from various themes, sometimes even as different as the tribal motifs or the ancient symbols of mysticism and create pieces that do more than just complementing the clothes. They exude an individuality that speaks for itself.

Fashion jewellery can tell a lot about the person wearing it so they have to be genuine and creative, based on concept or idea. Though aesthetics are of immense value while designing these, it is important that along with the outer good looks, the piece has a soul of its own.

Fashion jewellery is a trend that is here to stay for long, as long as creativity does not run out and the inspiration continues.

Wear Fashion Jewelry from Head to Toe and Make Your Life More Beautiful

Bohemian Handmade Beading Weave Style Necklace - Teal
Bohemian Handmade Beading Weave Style Necklace – Teal

Fashion jewellery is no longer a term associated with tacky, inexpensive costume jewellery which was frowned upon by the sophisticated people. It has now conquered the international fashion ramps, with its designs being created by the emperors of the fashion industry. Unlike the fine jewellery, fashion jewellery uses a variety of materials, like leather, silk, steel and acrylic, which do not find a place in the domain of fine jewellery. This makes it a perfect piece of accessory which can be paired with a variety of clothing. Start wearing fashion jewelry and your life will be changed with beautiful aroma.


Fashion jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes and can help you carry off any kind of look- be it a minimalist look or a breezy, colourful one or a traditional evening party look you desire. They are also available in a variety of materials, making them a must-have essential in any wardrobe, whether you are a college girl or a working woman.

Though it is essential that you stock up your wardrobe in a way that you are ready for any kind of occasion, too many clothes can not only end up confusing you but chances are that you will end up with a lot of unused clothes, long after they are out of fashion. So, the best way is to shop for the clothes you need and if you get bored, instead of buying new ones, try buying some snazzy fashion jewellery that can pep up your look and give you a new makeover.


A good piece of hair accessory can always turn a bad hair day into a great one. Fashion jewellery gives you a lot of options to choose from- sparkling, stone studded hair pins and clips to chunky metallic ones, which can make a simple hairdo stand out, adding a feminine and charming appeal.


Choose from a variety of fashion jewellery to add that extra bling to your dress. An elegant piece jewellery can brighten up a plaid dress and also add a stylish look. Since fashion jewellery come in a variety of materials, you can choose the one that matches not just your clothes but your attitude and personality too. Wear simple metallic or gem stone studs for a simple yet stylish look or flaunt your bohemian attitude with beaded neckpieces and ear rings. You can opt for floral designs to give you that summery look or go rebel with some funky unconventional pieces.


Whether it’s a fun outing with your friends, a casual meeting or a dinner with that special someone, you can rely on that little piece of bracelet or a set of delicate bangles to lend you that much needed charm. From simple and delicate pieces to chunky, colourful ones, bracelets and bangles can add a touch of sensuality.


Fashion jewellery can make you look enchanting on any occasion, be it informal or a formal one or whether you are a teenager or a middle aged woman. Wear this fashion jewellery not just to look beautiful but to feel beautiful, for that is what makes you alluring. Flaunt your spirit with style by choosing that special piece fashion jewellery which transforms you into an enchanting goddess.