Picking the Right Dress for Your Favorite Dangling Earrings

Sweet Bolted Crystal Squares Dangling Earrings - Olive
Sweet Bolted Crystal Squares Dangling Earrings – Olive

Haven’t you ever wondered how amazing you looked if you could perfectly match your favorite ensemble danglers with dress in your wardrobe? We have found the key to match and accessorize you in a subtle yet head turning manner.

Danglers as are fashioned in the market are earrings that have a solid, immovable point of attachment to the lobe and suspended to this is an eye-catching, airy, jingling design that makes your look perfect for any occasion.

Dressing up with dangling earrings can be very simple if you know what you are looking for. There are tons of options available in the fashion lane if dangling earrings are what you desire. You have metallic ones, studs and metal in combination, diamond ones or if you like to spice things up, there are earrings available in semiprecious stones as well.

The fastest way to fetch out best matching clothes for dangling earrings is to know your occasion well. What are you dressing up for? Is it a beach party, a fancy dinner, disco night, birthday party or just a Friday night out? Now, the next thing you must do is pick your dress that suits the need of the hour, say, if you have a dress that is low on show, you can try on dangling earrings that are a little (only a little) more than the occasion. It will bring attention to you in the party; something that your lay low dress would not have done on its own.

Another important thing to remember is the colors you wear. Your priced beauties may look really good on a particular dress but do they also go with the colour you decide to wear today? Also, do they look as good on a pair of shorts as they do on a ball gown? Here’s how to decide. If the clothes you choose are too showy or too gaudy, it would perhaps be a good idea to stick to the all-time favorite metallic or medium length dangling shines. If you have a shy dress, one which would not have a mouth of its own, that’s when you take out the magic danglers; semiprecious stones, diamonds, gold and diamonds, any matching dangling earrings that gives you a shining face and go’s with the dress.

Now, I know there are many, who would like to have perfectly matching dangling earrings with dresses to the absolute color of their outfit, I on the other hand feel it’s a great idea to try and mix similar looking colors. Don’t dress like you’re wearing a uniform, dress like you’re having a party. Say, if you have a yellow theme for a party, try dangling earrings matching in orange or faint red or even green if you like. Remember, fashion is what you make and not what you follow.

The best way to dress with danglers is to be wise and experimental at the same time. Wear what you are happy to sport. With the right hairdo, makeup and attitude, you will always end up having dangling earrings matching with dress.