Night Owls Theme Fashion Jewelry Glamours Paris Jewelry Fair

Multiple Color Oil-spot Glazed Night Owl Fashion Sweater Chain
Multiple Color Oil-spot Glazed Night Owl Fashion Sweater Chain

The Oiseaux de Nuit or the night owl themed fashion jewellery displayed at the Paris jewellery expo left the visitors spell bound, with its sophisticated, rich designs blended in the hues of the night. This was one of the four themes for the Autumn/winter 2013-14 collection at the show, presented by fashion trend stylist Elizabeth Leriche. The other themes were Energie Rock, Boudoir Secret and Lumiere du Nord.

The Night owl collection presented contemporary fashion jewellery which is simplistic in style yet rich and vibrant in shades of burgundy, peacock blue, silver, black and gold. The fashion jewellery on display in this category included accessories made of feathers, precious stones and sequins, cocktail rings, cuffs and bangles, to name a few. The deep ‘night colors’ with a dash of silver and gold are perfect for those who desire an elegant yet bold look.

What made this jewellry collection stands out were the dark shades, with touches of silver and gold, rendering them the essential charm of the night. Their elegant yet sensual appeal attracted the viewers. Gucci, Oscar De la Renta, Dolce and Gabbana, Alberta Ferreti, Emporio Armani, Balmain and Ralph Lauren were some of the well-known names from the fashion world that left that audience spell bound with their creations. Fashion enthusiasts had a visual feast with the designs.

Feathers were used in many of the designs, from ear hangings to neckpieces and bracelets, giving them a chic, bold look. Fashion enthusiasts had a visual feast with the designs. These designs are apt for a variety of occasions, be it an official corporate meeting or an evening party. Their unconventional motifs and shades made them compelling and irresistible at the same time.

Fashion jewellery today is more about making a personal statement and these designs were perfect for that. Each piece in the collection exuded a mystic charm with the deep shades of the night blended into them. These intense colors and designs with feathers, beads and motifs of the ancient can add an ethereal charm to any woman. The feathers gave a natural yet an urbane look to the collection. The intensity of the colors accented by a touch of bling makes them attention grabbing and irresistible.

Fusion was also seen in some of the pieces with ancient tribal motifs designed in a contemporary way to give a chic look. The way traditional age old motifs were blended with contemporary designs and materials was very innovative. These jewellery designs can be paired with cocktail dresses or formal dresses to up the glamour quotient and make a style statement.

This theme was exhibited as one among the four leading looks for this season and going by the designs and reception from the viewers, this collection seems to be a huge hit this season. So grab a piece of Night Owls Theme Fashion Jewelry and create your own look to complement it and get ready to spread your charm around in this classy trend.