Bohemian Beads Tassels Style Dangling Earrings - Orange
Bohemian Beads Tassels Style Dangling Earrings – Orange

Bohemian fashion jewellery is one of the most popular trends currently. Bohemian is one style that seems to resurface time and again with cheerful and bright colors that proclaim a care free attitude and what better style to wear this spring and bring in the sunshine? A plain white gown or top can come alive with the correct piece of bohemian style accessory. This trend lies in not conforming to the traditional styles and experimenting. Let us have a look at some of the Vogue fashion jewellery designs following the bohemian trend.


Colorful floral motifs are now popular, made in a variety of styles and materials. Braided and crocheted bracelets and neckpieces are a must have to add spice to any casual outfit and make you stand out. Bohemian look is not about having perfectly matched jewellery. It is about complementing the jewellery in such a way that it adds something to your look as well as conveys something about personality. Jewellery made out of natural materials like stones, leather, jute, ceramic and cotton is also in.

Neckpieces made of colorful fabric and embellished with shells and tiny mirrors are also in now. Since the bohemian style lies in going organic, jewellery pieces made from natural elements lend an authentic bohemian look. Layering is a bohemian trend now not just with the clothes but with the jewellery as well. Instead of wearing a single bold neckpiece, multiple strands of simple beaded strings, often contrasting with each other is chic now. Same with the bracelets, stacking them up, often each one of a different size or shape.

Exclusive handmade designs that make use of colorful beads, braided or crocheted in bright colors are a must have this season. Painted, colorful ceramic beads too are in the trend now. That enticing glam look of the 70s is back with contemporary designs done up the boho way. Chunky jewellery is has become a favorite with the fashionistas the world over.


Most of the bohemian style fashion jewellery this season is not just about making a style statement but a personal statement of who you are. You can go serene with pastel shades of peach, green, sea blue or opt for the bolder style with poppy reds, yellows, bright turquoise blues, pinks and oranges or stick to the earthy natural tones of reds, browns, greens and oranges. Whatever you choose, team it up with contrasting shades of clothes so that the accessories stand out and speak for themselves instead of getting camouflaged with the clothes.

Bohemian is hot on the fashion scene now with top designers innovating with this style and blending it seamlessly into the mainstream fashion. Fashion jewellery too is getting bolder this season not just with the colors but the kind of materials being experimented with. Go colourful, pick a bohemian look to suit your mind and accessories with the latest designs of fashion jewellery and flaunt your flamboyance in the chicest way possible.


  1. The Bohemian style is just one of the most stunning fashion jewelry styles which attracts the most attentions nowadays. Cool! Recommend every girl try the style for their fashion jewelry collections or daily wearing.

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