Top 10 Fashion Jewellery Designs that Dazzle Your Eyes

There’s a piece of jewellery for every mood, every personality, every occasion. Connoisseurs of jewellery are spoilt for choice. There’s something for every dress, every shoe and every purse! Jewellery, to most people is an enthusiasm, affection and obsession.

Jewellery can be what you want it to be; classic, royal, trendy, loud and minimalism. There’s a wide variety of beautiful pieces available all around; you just have to make up your mind! It can be overwhelming to choose the right jewellery. A must-have list that will dazzle your eyes is just the solution for you!

Given below are the top ten trends in jewellery that will leave you awe-struck:

1. It’s all in the details!

Intricate, detailed jewellery is something that you cannot go wrong with. Jewellery designers around the world are paying extra attention to detailing and design in every piece that they make. Impeccable settings, perfect craftsmanship are making breathtaking designs that look they are fit for royalty.

2. Beauty in Asymmetry

Asymmetry became a popular form of jewellery design in the art decor period. It has been celebrated ever since as an alternative to feminine, soft and dainty jewellery. Geometric shapes and irregular designs give a boxy, bold and confident look to the jewellery. Experiments in asymmetry have given us some awe-worthy designs that serve as must-haves to any fashion-conscious woman.

3. Inspired by nature

Designers have drawn inspiration from their surroundings to create stunning pieces that depict animals, flowers and other natural phenomena. One can also find jewellery that tells stories about mythical creatures and folklore.

4.  Where’s the funk?

Funky designs have added the much needed spunk to pre-dominantly traditional jewellery. So whether it’s a mustache or bejeweled flip-flops, funky deigns are carving a niche for themselves in the style sensibilities of the young clientele.

5.  In love with Turquoise

Turquoise stone has the ability to take us back to pristine beaches and warm summer days. Turquoise jewellery is charming and adds that splash of color to your dress. Jewellery designers are using turquoise with a variety of metals and stones to make it versatile and even more appealing

6.  Beneath the layers

Layered necklaces are one of the hottest pieces of jewellery that are an absolute no-brainer with almost anything in your closet ; a plain tee, long dresses, LBDs. Layered pearls with lace and multiple strings of beads in a necklace or a bracelet fills up your neck and wrists beautifully.

7. The Personal Touch

Monogrammed rings, pendants are a great way to personalize your jewellery. This trend is fast catching up with almost all big jewellery design houses. It is also a great way to express yourself!

8. A Lust for Leather

Leather is one of the most versatile and preferred material for jewellery designers to experiment with. One can find interesting combinations with leather in many unconventional designs. Leather is being paired with gold, silver, gemstones etc to create enticing and edgy jewellery.

9. It’s Time to Bling!

Statement watches have been a favourite of fashion style around the world. Jewellery designers have created gorgeous watches that are made of precious and semi-precious stones, mother of pearl and rare metals that make heads turn wherever they go.

10.  A love affair with Pearl

Pearls have caught the fancy of many women around the world. Pearls are versatile; they can be paired with almost any other stone and precious metal. Just a string of pearl is enough to add class and chutzpah to any outfit. Layered pearl necklaces, bracelets paired with beautiful pendants and trinkets are doing the fashion rounds this season.