An inspirational beautiful trendy jewelry element: leopard and cheetah designs

Austrian Crystal Inlaid Cheetah Design 18K Rose Gold Bangle
Austrian Crystal Inlaid Cheetah Design 18K Rose Gold Bangle

Jewelry is any artifact worn to beautify human body. If we read about human culture, costumes and about beautification and presentation on oneself, both men and women have been equal. In the ancient era, there were very few gems or stones which could be shaped easily and worn often, but people another way of adorning themselves. Hunters use to hunt animals, and teeth or the bones of the animals would be shaped and worn as jewelry. Simple materials like animal bones, teeth, ivory (elephant tusk), shells etc. were worn as jewelry. Having a particular animals bone as jewelry sometimes was also considered as the symbol of the group or the position the wearer had on his tribe.

Today animal jewelry has taken over traditional and modern jewelry. Firstly what is animal jewelry? Animal jewelry was just bones and theft of animals in the past, but now from the 19th century many jewelry designing brands have come up with a unique mixture of jeweler using animal motifs.

Every animal has some meaning. Its quality becomes its characteristics. Mostly it began with the designing of untamed animals like lions, panthers, lizards, leopards etc. these animal motifs were made of gold and are studded with gems and stones.

Animal jeweler is a new trend. It has a variety of designs and styles. One can choose from small earing to huge pendant which may look classy and modern. Animals like butterflies, cats, dogs, fishes, turtles, owls, frogs, lions, leopards, cheetah, snake, whales, peacocks, eagles, and many more are a part of animal jewelry. Among them the most wanted and liked by people are leopard and cheetah designed jeweler.

Many people think that they should connect to nature in some way or other. Both men and women adorn animal jeweler. Animal jeweler comprises of bracelets, earrings, pendants, chains rings, etc. wearing an animal on may feel to adapt its characteristics. For instance the cheetah is the fastest animal. So someone wearing it might want to feel the swiftness the cheetah shows when running into their work. They might want to look into their minds focus on the tasks at hand and will want to have emery to complete whatever they started no matter big or small the goal is. The characteristics of the animal help people.

Leopard as an animal is very mysterious yet graceful. Leopard is the fiercest among the cat family. The animal carries the emery of a warrior. Leopard also symbolizes strength to lay down fears and go after goals and developing ones talents. Leopard and cheetah designs are famous because of animal characteristics. People want to be like those untamed animals which are trendy and known for its skills in the wild. Also they make perfect decorations or design elements for fashion jewelry designs in nowadays jewelry line. Most of jewelry designers will integrate leopard or cheetah into their design collections to follow the latest the fashion trend.

Having a wild fashion trend is the new way to look glamour’s and trendy.  They are fun, playful, and colorful, and make a statement in bold way. This trend is likely to continue and it will also ensure that apart from jewelry the animals are protected making the animal jewelry a cause for animal survival in the wild. So Leopard and Cheetah designs should serve a flagship symbol for the animal elements in jewelry designing.