Secrets on how to choose the proper jewellery for your Honey and make her gorgeous and happy

Zircon Inlaid Four Claw with Austrian Rhinestones Garnished 18K Rose Gold Ring - Ruby
Zircon Inlaid Four Claw with Austrian Rhinestones Garnished 18K Rose Gold Ring – Ruby


Men are not really the most comfortable in jewellery stories, its long been considered a mostly women’s arena. Therefore, husbands shopping for gifts for their wives often run into problems when they have to choose appropriate rings, necklaces earrings etc. They have no idea what their wives or girlfriend like and as a consequence inevitably end up getting the wrong things. However, if you keep certain tips in mind, it will easy for you to buy whatever you need.

One of the first mistakes most men make when walking into a jewelry store is to frankly announce that they want to buy something for their wife/ girlfriend. Why is it a mistake, you may ask. This is because this is almost a sure shot method of being shown only the most expensive items in the store, many of which may not even be to your wife’s taste. Instead go in with some kind of an idea about what you’re looking for before visiting the jewelry boutiques.

First of all, decide what you want to give her. Is it a statement ring or a gorgeous necklace or a set of earrings and necklaces? Having decided that, try to judge your wife’s taste and see what kind of jewellery she usually wears (to parties or such) and then decide the rest. For example, what kind of metal should the jewellery be made of? Gold or silver? If you decide to spend a little more, you can even go for platinum. If you know her favourite color, try to see if you can have a stone set in it of that color; for example, a ruby if it is red, emerald if green, topaz if yellow etc. If you don’t know, diamonds are the safest choice to go. You can never go wrong with diamonds since they are the constant lover of women.

Also be careful to go to a reputed jewellery shop.  Some stores may have equally beautiful wares but they will likely be made of subpar materiel or low quality materials and can actually cause harm to your wife’s skin, thus ruining your gift and the whole experiences. Also if you ever go shopping with her, try and observe what jewellery she looks at when browsing. This will give you an idea of what she likes and what she doesn’t and may even lead you straight to her favourite items.

Try not to let your decision be influenced by anyone else except those closest to her like perhaps her mothers or besties. Tastes are often shared in the family and her mother may have relevant information for you regarding your wife’s tastes. Her besties probably can offer you more useful information about her tastes and preferences. You may even show her a picture of the item you are planning to buy to get her full approval. Despite this, keep the receipt in case anything goes wrong and you have to return the piece.

Therefore, men shopping for their wives (be it birthdays or anniversaries) should not be frightened whenever they enter jewellery stores because there are several simple ways for you to decide what to get your wife for her birthday. Merely follow these simple points and there’s no doubt your wife/ girlfriend will be very pleased with what you bought for her.