Appropriate Jewellery to Wear for Working Days

Austrian Crystals 18K Rose Gold Rimmed Flower Pendant Necklace
Austrian Crystals 18K Rose Gold Rimmed Flower Pendant Necklace

Most working women are in a bit of dilemma considering wearing jewellery in office. They’re not completely at fault for this as most offices don’t really have fixed rules regarding what to wear or what not to wear. While obviously too much jewellery is out, coming to office wearing no jewellery is likely to draw an equal amount of comments. Women need to balance looking fashionable while also looking professional which pose a difficult occasion for most women.

The easiest way to work out what to wear in the office is to see what your female boss wears. As she is at an exalted position in the company, she clearly knows what works and what does not. However, not everyone is as lucky as to have a female boss therefore one will have to figure out by trials and errors what works best among their colleagues. However, there are a number of rules that one should stick to. So it is advisable to keep watching around, arrange trials and follow wisely.

Looking professional means wearing jewellery which blends into your clothes yet helps you stand out. That may sound confusing at first, but it may help if you consider that whatever pieces your wearing helps complete your image. It may not stand out by itself, but it goes well with your dress or blouses and helps you maintain a professional yet fashionable standing. Therefore, try not to wear something that is too loud or too noisy as it will only draw attention and will in fact be very distracting and not in a good way either.

In the same way, extremely shiny jewellery or those with extremely bright colours only attracts the wrong kind of attention and will likely only harm your image. If you’re just starting out at office, remember that understanding is first priority. Subtle yet with enough impact to make someone notice you. Make sure whatever you’re wearing looks elegant and is made of quality metal. (Or at least, looks like it is made of good metal.) Hoops are good for the ears, but make sure that they have nothing hanging for them or that they are not very big hoops which are more appropriate for party wear anyway.

While diamonds may indeed be a girl’s best friend, they can quickly turn enemies in the workplace. Small diamonds are good, even perfect but too much bling can only attract negative attention. Keep it to a minimum, like diamond studs which are professional and trendy while also subtle. Also wear watches if you want to look professional. Don’t wear digital watches as it projects a negative aura but try to wear simple but elegant watches. Something in white will probably suffice.

While it is agreed that you ought to keep it subtle, don’t be afraid to make a style statement out of this. Remember, you are expressing yourself through this jewellery and no matter how subtle it is, people are bound to read into your personality through this. It’s better to give them something positive to read.

Therefore, while it may be difficult to decide what may be appropriate for office wearing, simple rules like this can help you hit it off at office while also looking as professional as possible.