Fashion Jewelry Trend in Asia – Simple with Delicacy

Korean Fashion Cartoon Mustache Rope Bracelet - Blue
Korean Fashion Cartoon Mustache Rope Bracelet – Blue

Jewellery has been a thing of fancy for many decades. It has defined an individual’s style, status and taste. Ask any woman about her list of most favourite things in the world; chances are that 9 out of ten women would have exquisite jewellery as one of them.

Fashion jewellery or faux jewellery is jewellery that is made of inexpensive materials and comes at a much cheaper price than precious or fine jewellery. Fashion jewellery is not new to the world. Since the 18th century, man has been making jewellery out of glass, leather, wood and other readily available and inexpensive materials.

Fashion jewellery is versatile, fun and multi-functional. It’s affordable opulence! Now-a-days, it is common for ladies to have jewellery that matches every outfit; something that is not possible with fine jewellery. What’s more, the variety of designs available for fashion jewellery is much bigger than that of precious jewellery.

Asians have long considered jewellery to be a good investment. That is why one can find that almost every Asian household owns some jewellery. Different regions of Asia prefer different kinds of designs. For example, in India, people prefer big, royal jewellery as against China or Japan where dainty jewellery is preferred. In the Middle East region, gold jewellery is quite popular.

Fashion jewellery has slowly made in-roads in the Asian fashion scene. Although Asians follow a lot of western trends in fashion jewellery, they also have their own unique tastes and styles.

Some of the hot trends in fashion jewellery in Asia are as below :

  •        Simple, delicate jewellery such as fashion bracelets that can be worn in more than one ways has found a place in many hearts. Pendants with animal motifs, floral designs in somber colors are quite versatile and can be worn with almost every outfit.
  •        Statement rings are very popular this season. Gone are the days when women wore many rings in their fingers. One statement ring is enough to add spunk to any attire
  •        Less is more – Asians are embracing the minimalistic culture. Overcrowded necks and wrists are so passé!  Let a few pieces of jewellery do the talking.
  •        Cuffs- Cuffs are back in fashion! The 1970s and 80s loved their leather cuffs. They are back with a bang! And from the looks of it, they are here to stay. Cuffs made of beads, leather, metal are in trend all over the world!
  •        Fashion jewellery in Asia is increasingly becoming individualistic. There is great emphasis given to design, every piece must tell a story. People are now choosing jewellery that speaks something about their personality.
  •        Grey, Silver, Black and white have given way to bright, pleasing color palettes. People are no longer shy of using lively colors and out-of-the box designs.
  •        Necklaces have got a makeover- Necklaces have become imaginative and bold. Designers are experimenting with lace, pearls, leather and wood to come up with beautiful and artistic pieces that have the ability to get make the harshest critics awe-struck!

Fashion jewellery in Asia is a multi-million dollar market with a double-digit growth rate. Just like their mythical characters and mysterious tales, fashion jewellery in the form of Simple with Delicacy is finding inspiration in it’s very roots and telling new and interesting stories.