An Eternal Design Theme for Fashion Necklace: The Cross

Gorgeous Vintage Diamonds Embedded Cross Pendant Necklace
Gorgeous Vintage Diamonds Embedded Cross Pendant Necklace


Popular culture adopts the symbol of the cross as their identification

Be it Britney Spear’s diamond-studded cross pendant or plain gothic black cross around Avril Lavigne’s neck, popular culture has integrated religion as part of the revolt against the old and the archaic. The gothic subgenre that gave birth to the fascinating tradition of wearing the cross as a style statement is not a recent trend in fashion. It in fact spans back to the 1980s, when the gothic style was emerging as the new generation’s very voice.

The gothic theme in jewelry made use of religious and occult symbols and signs, and readily crystallized its appeal that transcended the contemporary scene. It laid an eternal imprint on the minds of like-minded people who sought to discover their individuality, as redefined by the subculture of the gothic.

Because the cross is here to stay

The Cross is definitely here to stay for eternity. Religion and symbols could never go out of fashion unless of course, the skeptics take control of the world someday, and convert our society into a futuristic dummy. Many fashion jewelry retailers offer to customize cross pendants or necklaces as per the needs and requirements of their customers. For example, precious gems and stones or even colorful crystals could be embedded in a cross. It will only make it look more appealing, unique, and vibrant.

Musicians, youth, and symbolism

Fashion necklaces bearing a cross is one of the most sought after style statements, for musicians and youth especially. These two groups comprise of people who have surrounded themselves with novel belief systems, simply by upgrading the old ones with their evolutionary instinct. And because it defies all that the archaic past might have to offer them, they generally prefer to stick with the revised trends.

The cross could never go out of fashion

Due to the cross symbol being clubbed with vintage and antique jewelry, it has a special appeal and that which never goes out of vogue. Not today, not ever. Cross fashion neckpieces have a tremendous scope for constant up-gradation in terms of style, while keeping the everlasting underlying cross design as static.

The clergy as the advertiser of the invincible symbol

While the clergy advertised the idea of the extraordinary symbol during the medieval times, it really seems to have been materialized only after it was adopted by popular icons vis-à-vis the culture extrapolating such information out of it. Amazing, right?

The mystery within the cross

Indeed, the cross manifests an eternal design theme within itself, at least as long as ‘God is NOT dead.’ Symbols are in general really fascinating if you think about it. They have an air of mystery around them. One that makes you want to believe and give them a chance to say epic things to you, things that you might be unaware of.

It is to do with energy and vibrations. Some people believe they can heal, others think that they can avert bad spirits from harming you. Of course, there is no physical evidence to prove such claims, yet it is interesting to note that since people associate the cross design with religion, a highly personal field of experience, to mobilize the enchanting symbol into fashion neckpieces was a great move and definitely worth it.