Choosing and Maintaining Fashion Rings: A Guide

Cross Hollow Design with Open-end Style and Spring Shape Three Pieces Ring Set - Golden
Cross Hollow Design with Open-end Style and Spring Shape Three Pieces Ring Set – Golden

Fashion rings are undoubtedly the most widely selling form of jewelry all around the world. Be it for those unforgettable weddings or auspicious occasions or even presenting gifts to your loved ones, they are widely sought after.

As such, choosing fashion rings could be a behemoth task for at least some of us.

Choosing rings:

Choosing fashion rings could turn out to be a very difficult task. A few points worth to consider when buying one –

  1. The main thing to consider is the practicality. The person who wears the ring should feel comfortable at all times.
  2. If one is into much harder and physical jobs, then it is better to go with sturdier rings.
  3. If one is into softer, desk jobs – go with a delicate version. This should go great if you are in a white collar job.
  4. Colour – Gold and white coloured rings usually go well with most types of skins. If you are extremely fair, consider buying a rose gold ring that should complement your skin colour.
  5. If gold, chose between lighter and darker versions based on your taste and that matches your skin more.

Finding the right budget:

Ornament rings are available at all price ranges. Make sure to choose the right material that fits your budget.

If you are looking for an expensive one, go with diamond studded rings or platinum rings. This would be a wise choice considering the buyback value of diamonds and platinum. Take care to verify the purity and quality of diamonds when buying.

If you are looking for a moderate budget designer ring, gold is a great choice. This yellow metal is always the first and foremost choice for most of us.

If your budget is strict, go with silver rings – complemented with fake stones that look like originals. Keep in mind that silver tends to fade its colour after sometime and might require polishing to keep it look bright.

Maintaining rings:

This could be a daunting task which often goes neglected resulting in faster fading and degradation of the ring’s quality. Below points should help in maintaining your precious ring in good shape –

  • Cleaning the rings: Make sure you do this at least once in a week.
  • Use a solution of water and a mild detergent together with a soft brush for diamond studded rings. For gold, use a solution of water and ammonia in small quantities (preferably 1/3 portion) which will help to preserve the yellow metal’s brightness.
  • Take Professional help: Nothing can compare to the professional cleaning by experts. Do this at least once a year or two to keep the ring in good shape and if you intend to use it for a long time.
  • Pearl rings: Use recommended solutions rather than normal detergents or others as pearls are quite delicate and can get easily scratched.
  • Avoid ring usage when using makeup or complex lotions and also during household activities that could fade away your ring article.

Storage tips:

After choosing fashion rings, one might not use the rings throughout the year and hence it might require a nice storage location. Consider storing your precious ring in a jewelry box having soft fabric material.

Do not mix your jewelry while storing. Diamonds, for instance, can easily scratch other ornaments. Other gems could also pose a threat to gold and diamonds if kept in close contact.

Choose and maintain:

Choosing fashion rings and maintaining them is a simple yet delicate task that needs to be done frequently. Taking proper care of your rings would ensure that it stays intact for a long time.