The Perfect Bowknot Design for Fashion Jewelry Trend


Elegant Red Crystal Bowknot Pendant Necklace


To be or not to be is the question, well; the latest fashion jewelry trend to rock the fashion circuit is the classic bowknot design. The Bowknot design is every girl’s favorite weather as a hair accessory or on a dress and now it has been interpreted and incorporated into fashion jewelry. The bowknot design now comes as ornate rings, statement necklaces to trendy ear studs and even as fashionable brooches.

The bowknot design is simple, classy yet when applied to a specific ensemble it lends an edgy look and it is also one of the coolest fashion trends this season which women of all ages can look forward to.  The bowknot jewelry can be worn on any occasion and looks chic when worn as a bracelet, a dainty pendent or as a hair accessory. So if you are looking for the perfect bowknot design for fashion jewelry then look no further, as listed below are some of the latest bowknot design jewelry form the fashion arena.

  1. The bowknot design fashion bracelet is a new favorite among many women; the cute bracelet comes in metallic shaded of rose gold, gold and white gold. The bowknot bracelet has a dainty bowknot charm mainly studded or attached to a chain or metal path and the unique design not only looks sleek around the hand but adds a feminine touch to the entire look.
  2. The bowknot necklace and bowknot pendants are also preferred not only by girls and young women for informal occasions but if picked correctly it can also brighten up a drab formal outfit for a woman of any age. The bowknot necklace works as statement necklaces as well; they are mainly elaborate and come in lacy and ornate forms over fabric and are suitable for a night out or a party. The bowknot pendants are more dainty and subtle and are suitable for formal occasions or to highlight a casual outfit.
  3. Many women have a passion for quirky and unconventional finger rings, something that stands out and make a statement, and the bowknot design finger ringer is just for them and anyone who shares a similar taste in unconventional jewelry. Trendy and stylish, the bowknot finger rings can work as cocktail rings but can also be worn on a casual affair. They are available on online stores and come in chunky sizes to small filigree pattern. Choose a bowknot ring in metal or pearl to rock an otherwise regular outfit or slip in a jeweled one to hike up your fashion quotient for an evening party.
  4.  A bowknot design good quality brooch or a pair of cute bowknot ear stud can make you look attractive and gorgeous all day long. Brooches are meant to accessorize an outfit and what better way to do it than adding a bowknot design brooch in simple metal pattern or studded to your coat and sweater to lend a warm touch to the cold winter days. Don’t forget to put on the bowknot design ear studs that come in punk rivet patterns to sparkling crystals or in random pop colors.
  5. The bowknot design is however not just limited to traditional jewelry pieces. Bowknot designs have found its way into unconventional jewelry items like enameled naval ring to eyebrow ring. Bowknot designs are also found in various hair accessories.

So be the young girl you wanted to be even if you have left those years behind and lose yourself in the coolest and trendiest bowknot design fashion jewelries.