Fashion Anklet Trends 2017 Analyzed by JewelryBund

Stylish anklets take your looks to another level of desirability and allure. Summer is all about having fun and experimenting with looks and style. The 90’s obsession with fashion anklets is now making an explicit comeback, and the diversity it offers in designs and materials is unmatchable. Many wardrobe styles have found a perfect synchronization with this influential accessory of the 90s and making the world fall in love with this fashion again.

Here are a few delicate anklet styles that are trending in 2017 and will let you rock your summer looks completely.

  1. String Anklets:

String anklets are proving to be the first choice of for all young girls who love funky colors with a delicate finish. What makes this anklet the top choice for many is the ease of carrying it and the flair it offers. Any bright colored string with a few beads gives you an adorable anklet to complete your summer looks. Wear it with pumps, sandals or any shoes that leave your ankle bare and enjoy the summer time with your best looks.

  1. Gold Heart Anklet:

Delicate gold chain with small hearts is another endearing option in anklets for ladies. It offers both a touch of class and adherence to trend, all at the same time. Gold chains with stars or crescents are also not a bad option. In short just chose a gold chain and optimize the minor hanging shapes according to your choice and let your wonderful anklet do the rest of the trick.

  1. Anchor Anklet:

The best part of summer is the beach tour and barbecue nights. The anchor anklet illustrates the sea and beach, so it’s a must have accessory in your wardrobe this summer. A small anchor hanging to gold or silver chain is nothing but splendid for your beach visits and night parties.

  1. Charms Anklet:

A charm anklet is the simplest yet most popular anklet trend. It has a delicate chain of gold or silver with small charms that may be the moon, a star,an anchor,across or perhaps all of them in one. The minimalism of the anklet is remarkable, yet the bravura it adds to the personality is also eye catching and impossible to ignore. For a barbecue night or a shopping venture with your besties, this anklet is sure to dazzle anyone.  Wear them with your beautiful summer sandals.

  1. Shell Anklet:

It’s another growing trend for the beach and ocean lovers. It has sea shells varying from 1-5 in numbers lining on a rubber cord or an alloy ring to offer a perfect finish. Wear this simple anklet to rock your look at the beach for small summer picnics and having a wonderful time with besties and family.

Seashell Anklet

  1. Zipper Anklets:

It is an anklet design for the daring girls. If you have a cowboy adventure zeal in you, then the zipper anklet is here to give your personality a unique depiction of fearlessness and eagerness for adventure. The half opened zip indicates as if the skin is zipped to the anklet. Wear it with brown sandals to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of the anklet. It looks best in the bronze color.

Anklets are simple yet very stylish accessories that can give your personality a whole new expression. They are so powerful a fashion accessory that they alone have the ability to tone up or down a dress.  Therefore, choose a fashion anklet carefully to rise to the occasion in style.


Statement-Making Floral-Inspired Jewelry Guide

Where do the jewelers go looking for inspiration to design jewelry? They don’t have to go far as Nature particularly flowers stimulate their creativity. Their vivacious colors, poetic emblem, and diversity of shapes tantalize the imagination of jewelry designers and serve as an abundant inspirational source. The floral jewelry has been particularly re-surfacing among the present-day modern jewelers, although it has never been considered out of vogue or any less bountiful than now. Floral jewelry is a visual delight with a delicate and sublime aura. The modern jewelers are known for illustrating floral themes in a romantic way with a touch of modern edge, which makes floral designs all the more interesting, lovable and chic for the modern women. Let’s give you some all-time hit statement-making floral-inspired-jewelry items to make you look glamorous for different occasions.


The dazzling Floral Earrings make sure to turn the heads wherever you go with their modern design they will make you glow. Adding these earrings to your collection will be an amazing idea to wear on various formal occasions.

This pair is inspired by the latest fashion trends, they support a feminine floral design in a very bold manner which is perfect for any woman who likes to be distinctive and dauntless. The delicate diamond in the center adds the sparkling effect in just the right amount.


If you want to make a statement this diamond encrusted floral the right choice for you. It will add sparkle to your outfit as well as your whole personality and will make you feel confident about yourself.

With this beauty added your accessories, you can’t go un-noticed. This sunflower inspired design truly radiates and take your outfit up many notches to make you look exclusively special.


This beautiful floral bracelet is like no other with its pretty clusters of diamonds which are subtly engraved in the intricate floral shapes which will give you a timeless yet a very modern look.


To give your wrist a very classic sparkle, get yourself this beauty of a bracelet which is studded with diamonds in its beautiful floral design. This bracelet will add to your beauty with its sparkling, elegant and timeless style.


If you are looking for a beautiful circular ring with a big diamond in its center, then this is the best option for you. With its floral design that has a halo of small diamonds around the larger one will work wonders for you by drawing all eyes on your hands and is particularly ideal for your engagement.

This pretty floral ring is a stunning one that sparkles on your finger with the diamond band and adds perfection to your outfit with its brilliance.


This stunning floral cluster necklace would make a statement for you on your special day. So go ahead and stun the crowd with this beauty.

So, with our list of floral-inspired jewelry items get yourself the one you loved the most and make a statement by wearing it on the next big event.

Summer Trends for Wearing Costume Jewelry

Our favorite time of the year is back again, summers! Or in other words, beach time; the best time of the year to get on all those bohemian chic outfits and play around with accessories and yes! Its flip flop time. So this time around we decided to equip you with a few quick pointers on what’s hot in the glitzy glamour-y world of costume jewelry.

  1. Chokers

They sure did make an unexpected and rather exciting comeback this year. Chokers are the hottest jewelry trend these days due to their flexible nature of complementing almost all the outfits present in your wardrobe and giving you the desired edge. They look especially sexy with crop tops. You know we haven’t disclosed the best part yet- since chokers are available in all materials including velvet and lace – you can easily make your own at home with some left over craft supplies and dollar store locks to finish them up!

Embroidered Roses High Fashion Cloth Choker Necklace
Embroidered Roses High Fashion Cloth Choker Necklace
  1. Cuff Bracelets

Although cuff bracelets have been trending for some time now but this summer they have surfaced as the ultimate fashion trend. Due to their versatile nature, cuff bracelets can be worn with any dress of your choice; workplace outfit or cocktail party dresses, cuff bracelets are your ultimate go to piece of costume jewelry.

Cuff Bracelet
Cuff Bracelet
  1. Multi Layered Necklaces

Multi layered necklaces are the perfect match for wide and open necked shirts on a sweltering hot summer day. Not only can they replace chokers, because I am pretty sure nobody wants a piece of string that’s so close to their jugular that it literally feels like its choking them, but also give an elegant and feminine vibe when you wear them. Tip: when you go for shopping such pieces make sure to look out for some local fashion accessories stores or prominent wholesale jewelry website such as, they have some very delicate pieces.

  1. Midi Rings With Bohemian Effect

From Victoria Beckham to Riri (Rihanna) knuckle rings are a true statement piece. You can accessorize with these to show off individuality, and to add all the flair to your outfit. Wear them on your pinky finger, especially the gemstones one to show off class. They also make up for a good minimalistic look, as you can wear 2 to 3 rings in one hand and still look chic. Midi rings are available in all sorts and styles: bohemian, vintage, and minimalistic and color coordinated rings. They are mostly found in packs of 4 or 5 and honestly are a cheap buy!

  1. Earrings

This year you don’t have to worry about losing a piece of earring every now and then because you can proudly flaunt that one piece as a proclamation of your uniqueness. The earring madness doesn’t end there, this season go for minimalistic ear pieces that are light on the weight and give you a very artistic look. Psst! You can even make these with dollar store tassels and hooks, trust me, they don’t look as cheap as they cost!

Bohemian Fashion Earrings
Bohemian Fashion Earrings

And those are our favorite summer trends for wearing costume jewelry! Which one is your favorite?

New Trend of 2017 – Must Have Choker Necklaces

white lace necklace
white lace necklace

That old 90’s trend is back! Yes, I’m talking about chokers! If you had loved that trend, now is your opportunity to flaunt that trend with full pride. It’s back in fashion and is boldly surpassing all other necklace patterns.

Lace choker necklaces are the more sought after ones. Here are some of the must have chokers of 2017 that have come a long way from the 90s.

Why Choker Necklaces?

Well, chokers are being famous not only because a lot of the 90s are coming back, but also because it lends your look a simple, yet elegant and gorgeous finishing touch. A simple round necklace can make you the star of the party if you wear it right. That’s choker necklaces for you.

And lace choker necklaces are all the more trendy because they give off an exotic look. Paired with a short dress and lovely earrings, they can make you a fashion icon overnight.

Lace Choker Necklaces

Lace chokers necklaces are really hot ones for 2017 with the fashion trend of wearing lace materials. A lot of designers are integrating lace as a vintage element so that women are resorting to it too. So lace choker necklaces will definitely be a great choice for your outfits. It is not hard to find some good selections of wholesale lace choker necklaces in the accessory market nowadays, simply start searching there and grab some to keep with the lace choker trend.

Floral Printed Lace Chokers

White or black, these lace necklaces have the imprints of flowers and can go with almost any dress. Whether it’s a black party dress or a simple off shoulder floral printed casual dress, a floral lace choker will up your game to a great extent.

They can be both thin as well as thick. The tiny ones will give you just the right amount of elegance you need for any formal party. The thick ones would look good with just about any dress which keeps your neckline bare.

Velvet Choker Necklaces

Velvet choker necklaces are the most used ones. And yet they do not stop being trendy. They simply cannot! Usually, in darker shades, these velvety chokers have a seductive aura about them.

They often have a little charm hanging down the middle to fill up that small gap between your collarbones which make them excellent options for a thick-necked dress.

Tassel Chain Choker Necklace
Tassel Chain Choker Necklace

Leather Choker Necklaces

Are you into the gothic look? Or are you into metal music? Or maybe you like the punk styles more? Then leather chokers are the best way to flaunt your love for any of these.

They are thick and give you a punk or gothic look which can be pretty attractive if paired with a leather jacket over a black tank top. Even these chokers often come with little charms in the middle which are usually metal and which further the punk/gothic look.

Pure Black Chokers

These are the most common ones. Sounds like a thick black cloth wrapped around your neck but has a certain charm about it which makes it the favorite choice for most girls. And they go with all your casual outfits as well.

Other Varying Choker Necklaces

Other chokers include the chokers with chains hanging around the front, so they give off a second collar look. These chokers usually look good for a nighttime party where you can flaunt your elegance as well as simplicity. Then there are the leather and rhinestone chokers which come with a little bow tied in the front.

Choker necklaces are the recent jewelry trends of 2017, and these are something you must have. Flaunt your 90’s style proudly in 2017!


Eight Jewelry Trends That will Drive 2017

Spring Fashion Feather Earrings
Spring Fashion Feather Earrings

Spring is here. In no time, every uber-dressing space will witness a complete redoing of the elements that shine and sparkle and when on you, make you beam as well. While youll look at the procession of 2017 jewelry trends as they come to be, it is always nicer to have an idea or two beforehand.

Just in case you were wondering what will work in the world of jewelry this year, here are 8 Must-know 2017 Jewelry trends for all fashionistas.

  1. Statement Necklaces

Think long, bold necklaces.

JewelryBund Statement Necklace
JewelryBund Statement Necklace

Sure, the choker played King for the past few years. But if the spring 2017 accessory trends’ appearances are any clue, the long-necked chain of beads and pearls has made a comeback. And judging by how things are, this year is going to be tangled in it.

  1. Arm Cuffs

Not just the sensual curves that lie wrapped around your wrist, but also the palm covering cuffs are the new way to let a bracelet adorn your hands.

Layered pieces, statement arm rings, graphic shapes are all a part of one the high trends of the coming seasons.

  1. Choker

Just because the arm cuffs are soaring high this term, doesn’t mean that the choker has bid adieu to us all. Although, the thick chokers made of velvet or silk ribbons might just have said their last words.

Lace Choker Necklace
Lace Choker Necklace

The 2017 runway trends have a good chance of revolving around thin, twisted, and bunched fabric with or without a single pearl knotted somewhere in there.

  1. Ear Jackets

They have dazzled you. They have annoyed you. They ooze fantasy ad delicacy. They have come back this year too.

Ear cuffs and ear jackets are the attempts that make the line between accessories and jewelry a finer one. Look at the crystal headphones or a rose motif, for instance; you’ll find that bold, graphic shapes are all over the ear cuffs.

  1. The Fabric Jewelry

Since we are talking about the fine line between accessories and clothing, here is another.

Be it recreating the luster of a satin fold via sequins, or be it the modification of a sparkling palette dress into an evening earring that gets a presence registered loud and definite, the joint play on fabric and material makes for a stand-out jewelry for this year.

  1. The Earring-Necklaces

It is fascinating what a longing for fashion can inspire. When the past and futuristic ideas met and earrings were, in a single sided manner or using both lobes, was turned into an ear accessory cum a neck accessory, there isn’t much left to do.

Except for maybe, keep wearing them for another season.

  1. Asymmetric, Bright, Colored Stones

Stones are a fashionista’s one true love. There is one for every evening, every night, every dinner, every ball.

2017 fashion trends, men and women alike, show how not just colored, but bright shade, asymmetric, statement spewing shaped diamonds and stones have gained popularity among folks. It is no surprise if they show up all over in the spring 2017 fashion trend determining jamborees.

  1. Native American Jewelry

Nugget Bracelets, point bracelets, cluster ring, coral bracelets, silver with shades that refuse to let the eye wander anywhere else- this is what native American jewelry accessories are today. Think of the combination that these designs, patterns, and materials will create, and there would be no surprise why these are a part of the 2017 fashion color trends.

Exceptional Jewelry Is Always A Surprise

Very much like these eight must-know 2017 jewelry trends for all fashionistas, other predictions are flowing around too. From 2017 street fashion trends to chic wearables, everything has a panel of people to analyze and predict what the future beholds.

But when it comes to those darlings that adorn your body, there is almost always something that takes us all by surprise. Let’s hope the seasons of 2017 do the same.