Fall 2016 Hot Jewelry Trends

It’s the start of fall which means that it is time to try out all the hottest new jewelry trends. Trends are constantly changing with every new season and if you want to look fabulous at all times, it is important to keep up with those trends. Fashion trends may have their own importance, but so do jewelry trends. Your outfit is incomplete without any jewelry pieces, which is exactly why you need to stay updated with the latest ones.

Let’s have a look at the latest fashion jewelry trends for fall 2016:

Punk Inspired Jewelry for your Ears

Lots of trends from the 90’s are coming back, and this trend is surely no exception. Punk style earrings are the hot new way to catch attention and stand out. It seems that delicate jewelry is no longer in style as it’s all about making a bold and strong statement with everything you wear. Punk inspired jewelry for your ears is a great way to do that.

Dangling Rivets Punk Style Hoop Earrings
Dangling Rivets Punk Style Hoop Earrings

Multilayered Jewelry

Layering clothes is something we all love doing for fall, so why not do the same with jewelry? Everything from layering necklaces to rings and bracelets; this trend can easily be followed and is a must-try. Multi-layering is a great way to add some glam to any plain outfit.

Statement Pendant Necklaces

Statement necklaces are a great way to make your outfit stand out. Combine that with pendant necklaces and you come up with something amazing! Small and delicate pendants have been replaced by big and bold ones.

Graceful Shining Hollow Spring Floral Pattern Design Statement Fashion Necklace and Earrings Set - Golden


Pearls are not only meant to worn by ladies going to fancy lunches. From pearl necklaces to pearl bracelets and rings; add some spark into your outfit with these delicate pieces.

Single Earrings

We remember when mismatched earrings were super popular, but now no one is going to judge you when you arrive at a party wearing just one earring. These single earrings obviously need to be bold and big because otherwise people won’t be able to easily notice them. The whole point of this jewelry trend is to promote minimalist accessories.

Choker Necklaces

Chokers have been popular since the start of 2016, and it looks like they will remain popular during fall as well. These necklaces are a great way to add some spice and fun into your outfit. From simple chokers to rigid ones; go for whichever style you prefer. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you have plenty of choker necklaces in your jewelry collection. Chokers are a part of wholesale jewelry China, so you can easily find a bunch of styles!

Duster Earrings

Duster earrings are ones that lightly dust against your shoulders. As already mentioned before, the jewelry trends for fall 2016 are all about bold choices. Dusty earrings are a great way to add some color and fun into a plain outfit. Wholesale jewelry China gives you a variety of choice for dusty earrings.

Shine like a Princess

For fall 2016, you don’t want to wear something subtle or delicate. You want something that can actually make you shine! Everything from diamonds to rhinestones can help you achieve that.

Which fall 2016 accessory trends is your favorite? Each one of them is worth trying!

Fashion Rings’ Changing Trends 2016

Star Embellished Dual Layers Hollow Vintage Fashion Ring
Star Embellished Dual Layers Hollow Vintage Fashion Ring

The world of fashion is ever changing. Be it clothes, shoes, bags, or even jewelry, fashion never stops evolving. Some people say fashion is like art or even a style of living, something that not everyone gets.

Over the years, several types of fashions like Bohemian Fashion, Chic Fashion, and Glamorous Fashion have showcased themselves in so many ways. At one point in time, Paris was the main city when it came to fashion, but today almost every country in the world has inculcated fashion in their lifestyles.

But one very interesting development in the fashion world is the sudden popularity of fashion rings. The changing trends in fashion rings in 2016 have certainly caught the eye of the public. More and more designers are now coming out with beautiful and exquisite rings to entice the crowd. With this fashion trend, fashion jewelry wholesalers and resellers are also producing and pushing new styles of cheap fashion rings to the market to meet customers’ mass needs.

Rings of Yore!

Nobody is completely sure about when this circular piece of jewelry made its first appearance in the world. But there are still many documents and pictographs available to prove that they have been around for quite some time now. Over the years the styles have changed quite a lot along with changing times, but the materials used on these wrongs are still almost the same. Nowadays rings are still made using glass, plastic, stone or some kind of metal.

In the first couple of years, rings were mostly plain with few or no stones at all. But as the fashion industry started moving ahead, jewelry soon caught on. Almost all types of precious gems and stones started appearing on rings in the market.

The problem with these precious stones was that very few people could afford it. So then the concept of fake fashion rings came alive. Glass and plastic began to be used to create almost exact copies of these gems which were then used on rings thus making it affordable to the public.

Trends of Today!

Rings have always been a statement of glamour and poise, used by almost everyone in the world, including celebrities! And the different types of rings that are available would certainly drive you crazy! Here are some popular new trends in fashion rings today:

  • Beaded Rings:

Beads are woven into threads to create beautiful beaded rings. The threads can be of different colors.

  • Solitaire Rings:

Solitaire Rings are quite popular among people of all ages. It consists of a single stone, usually quite large and easily noticeable. They come in different colors. The stone may be surrounded by smaller stones.

  • Cocktail Rings:

Cocktail rings also comprise of a single main stone that is usually surrounded by other smaller stones. They are also known as cluster rings.

  • Floral Rings:

Floral Rings usually consist of several stones that are used to imitate a floral pattern.

  • Animal Rings:

Another popular design is animals. Gold plating is usually used as the base and stones are then used to represent features like the eyes, nose, mouth, etc. the most common animals used here are owls, snakes, cats, and tortoises.

So, choose the best one for yourself, be the best of yourself!

Jewelry Wearing Tips: How to Maintain Your Fashion Jewelry to Keep Them Shining as New

jewelry maintainance

Jewelry has been known to man for ages now, thus making it an essential part of our daily lives, so much so that it is its absence that becomes most noticeable.

Like every other thing, jewelry has undergone a remarkable transformation over time in which it is no longer only made from gold and silver, but diamond, platinum and also with other color precious gems and stones.

Another major evolution is regarding usage. Jewelry has today become a major fashion accessory, for is it not hard to imagine your wrist without that signature watch or plain ears without those beautiful earrings?

From the most elaborate weddings and occasions to the simplest routine lives, men and women have both embraced jewelry as their cannot-do-without fashion accessory, thus making it all the more essential to ensure that your favorite piece of jewelry remains bright and shining as new.

Knowing the Don’ts

Here’s a list of six precautions you MUST be putting to practice to maintain the beauty of your fine jewelry:

  1. Avoid the Edges: You sure remember placing your jewelry by the edge of the sink hundreds of times and you don’t know how easily it may fall off right into the drain. So, make sure to avoid the edges!
  2. Keep Away From Chemicals: Harsh household chemicals can to serious harm to your jewelry, tarnishing their shine and luster.
  3. Say No-No to Chlorine: It isn’t the best idea to swim with your jewelry on, so DON’T.
  4. Be Kind to the Gemstone: Never (and that means NEVER) hold your jewelry by the gemstone or know that you are reducing the life of your prized possession already.

Buckling Down to Some Cleaning

The secret to having your jewelry shine bright and last long is to buckle down to regular cleaning, so the texture never tarnishes in health. And what’s better than home remedies?

Soak your gold in a bubbled detergent-hot water solution for fifteen minutes for the dirt to come out. Scrub gently with a toothbrush or scrubber and then wipe your piece of jewelry with a soft cloth.

Disclaimer: Know your jewelry well. For jewelry with glued-in gemstones, make sure not to wash it water or the gemstones tend to fall out. Wipe your ornament mildly with a wet cloth to remove accumulated dirt.

Resort to the best and the easiest home remedy to cleaning your jewels. Your toothpaste is sure to clean your trinkets well and quickly when other chemicals may not be at your disposal. It’s simple and effective, and you can have our word!

Travel Tips

For regular travelers, make sure to have a travel pouch for your jewelry at your disposal. Clean it before storing your jewelry and make sure to devote those ten extra minutes to sorting but never have your jewelry entangled inside the box/pouch

Guard Your Gold

That pretty Rose gold of your Solitaire, or that shiny white gold wrist watch gets its color from alloys that are mixed into natural yellow gold which eventually wears off over time. By the frequency of your usage, ensure to have your gold re-plated (normally, once a year makes for a decent deal and hey, it can be done at affordable prices too!).

While the above mentioned are assured means of having the shimmer and brilliance of your favorite piece of jewelry intact, remember to always love your ornaments. Go that extra mile to keep your jewelry healthy and have them look as new as ever, and savor the compliments that follow like a king/queen!

Up Your Style Quotient with Fashion Jewelry!

Exaggerating Floral Style Resin Gems Combined Fashion Statement Necklace and Earrings Set – Silver

The Power of Jewelry 

Fashion Jewelry has the ability to spruce up any dull outfit, add oomph to a plain formal dress or positively complement a heavy ensemble. Jewelry made from gold, silver, platinum, studded with precious stones, baked out of clay – we love them all.

Options are Plenty

When other trends go out of fashion every few months, fashion jewelry stays stylish year after year. And there is so much variety to choose from.

  1. Precious Metals
  • Gold jewelry rules the roost among precious metals. You could stock up on gold as part of an investment option, or simply, to preserve the traditional pieces handed down through the family. Gold jewelry always had a timeless appeal.
  • Silver jewelry is affordable and has a higher style factor associated with it. Silver rings, earrings, bracelets, chains and anklets are more popular among youngsters.
  • Jewelry made from platinum has a stamp of purity and rarity, and is usually associated with opulent weddings and functions.
  1. Gemstones
  • Diamonds are really forever; the girl’s best friend still remains in the top lot to add glamour to a woman’s attire.
  • Rubies, emeralds, pearls and corals, when studded in jewelry can make you look breathtakingly beautiful.
  1. Traditional Jewelry
  • Kundan jewelry was first worn by the royals from the bygone Mugal era. It has stood the test of time due to its versatility in pairing with traditional and Indo-western looks.
  • Temple jewelry is usually made from gold or silver and has images of Gods and Goddesses imprinted in the designs. These ornaments give you a timeless and classy look.
  1. Tribal Jewelry

Made from clay, wood, metals or shells, tribal jewelry accessorizes you to add a funky element to your look. Highly popular among the youngsters, these ornaments can easily be picked up from the local sellers during your favorite beach holiday.

  1. Costume Jewelry

Also known as the real ‘fashion jewelry’, these pieces are pocket-friendly and can be worn by women of all age groups. These are picked to match the outfits worn, and can really amp up your style. The accessories in this category are easily available for purchase from neighbourhood stores or online shops, and are highly popular.

  1. Tech-Savvy Jewelry

Tech-loving fashionistas also have a myriad of jewelry options available today. Smart and sleek rings and bracelets that have sensors to track activities are a craze among the wealthy youth.

No More Excuses to Stock Up

A good collection of fashion jewelry in hand is priceless like that inimitable black dress in your wardrobe. The way you accessorize portrays your sense of style and personality.

It is wise to pick the right jewelry that suits your attire and mood. Experimenting with jewelry can help to bring out the best in an outfit and identify your own style statement.

Adding bolder jewelry or statement pieces to your collection, mixing and matching pieces, playing with neon colored jewelry are all creating a buzz in the fashion industry. So, it’s about time you spruce up your glam quotient today!

How to Match Fashion Jewelry with Your Spring New Dresses to Make You a Fashion Star

Luxurious Cubic Zirconia Snowflake Fashion Ear Studs - Golden
Luxurious Cubic Zirconia Snowflake Fashion Ear Studs – Golden

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the second you step out of the door, you are being observed. By whom? – By men and women alike.

So, since people are going to look at you no matter what, why not give them a good show? Make a fashion statement and let it scream out loud. Do not be afraid of letting the world know that you are a true fashion star!

Spring Styles

Spring is perhaps the most fashionable of all the seasons, if at all there is such a thing called fashionable seasons. All the major fashion brands bring out their breathtaking, new spring collections.

Take advantage of the latest arrivals and trends in the line of fashion and look ravishing in coordinated jewelry and new spring dresses.

Check out some of the tips that might help you get ahead in the game.

Konnichiwa, Japan

Japanese influences in fashion are back.

Dress up in beautiful floral silks or own the elegant cherry blossom pattern. Pair this up with sparkling pearls and you are good to go.

Old Is Gold

The retro 1970’s thing is really the “in” thing now. Get into the whole fringe, beads and feathers look. Old school jumpsuits are perfect to complement this era.

The ideal jewelry to go with your retro spring look is chunky, gold jewelry. Bring back the ‘70’s and with it, the sexy.

Flora and Fauna

Floral patterns might have become outdated earlier but not anymore. Complex and creative floral patterns have made a comeback. So have feathers.

To go with this bold look, you may try chunky metallic jewelry. Use solid styles and hints of bright colors or print.

Pastel Effects

If you are not into anything bold and loud, go with soothing. Sometimes, less is more.

Go for a calm and minimalistic look. Try soothing shades or a light watercolor floral print or something of that sort.

To bring this style out, pair your outfit up with classic and intense jewelry, preferably metallic. Enamel, gemstones etc. may help you add a hit of color to your otherwise simple outfit. Costume pieces in either bold or soothing shades may go as well.

Sporty Styles

If you want a sort of sporty and athletic look, worry not. We have the perfect fashion ideas for you too.

What you need is a smart blend of the world of sports and glamour – the best of both worlds. Perhaps a bra top with a sleek pencil skirt? To go with this trendy spring look, put on watches, especially those featuring rubber and bright accessories.

Try to bring out the playfulness of your outfit and be a trend setter, never a trend-settler.

Wrapping It Up

Never undermine the power of your wardrobe. Look the part, wherever you go. People perceive you from the way you dress and carry yourself.

Be bold and confident. After all, confidence is the most stylish jewelry you can wear.

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