Useful Tips to Maintain Jewelleries and Keep the Edge

What a throne is to a king, jewellery is to a woman. It is considered to be the most special object to a woman. Not only does it enhance your beauty, but also it adds a different class to your personality. Jewelleries have their significance in every individual’s life and more specifically in a woman’s life. It is that one thing that can either turn you into a show-stopper or simply destroy your classy look.

So, it becomes very important for women to maintain their jewelleries for a long time. Therefore, we present a set of useful tips to maintain your jewellery in good condition:-

  1. Wipe after-use: Always wipe your ornaments after using them with a clean piece of cloth. This is important to remove unwanted sweat, oil and dirt from them.
  2. Regular clean-up: You should try to clean your packed ornaments with the help of a smooth brush instead of any hard or sharp object.
  3. Keep it safe from chlorine water: Chlorine can severely damage the look of the valuable jewellery leading to loss of color if exposed for a prolonged period of time.
  4. Remove from body while working: When you are performing any physical activity, try to keep your jewelleries away from your body. Especially while working in the wash basin, there is a chance that the jewellery may slip into the sink.
  5. Pack properly: Jewelleries should be kept in well packed boxes. It should also be kept in mind that the boxes should have a coating of cloth to prevent them from scratches.
  6. Prevention from sunlight: Researches have proved that exposing jewelleries to direct sunlight may lead to lack of luster from it.
  7. Prevention from chemicals: it is always advisable to avoid jewelleries from the contact of chemicals or home cleansing liquids.
  8. Polish old ornaments: It is again very important to polish your jewelleries at regular time intervals in order to maintain its newness. Polishing gives your jewellery a new look and shine thereby differentiating it from others. It also gives a new life to your asset.
  9. Categorize your ornaments: It is very important to properly put them into different categories and differentiate between which belongs to the daily wear category and which should be worn on special occasions.
  10. Consult a professional: Whenever there is a visible damage in expensive jewellery, immediately consult a professional. It is also advisable to clean the jewelleries with the help of a professional.
  11. Consider them as assets: It is again very important that you consider each and every jewelry of yours to be an asset. With the rising prices, demand for ornaments has increased along with their prices.

It is also very important to frequently check your jewelleries even if it is in the bank locker. You also should polish from time to time to maintain their shine and status. Remember, no matter your jewelry is of millions or simply a fashion jewelry item for daily wearing, the above shared tips for maintenance should help you make sure you items are always in good conditions for wearing. So it is wise to always bear these in mind for your jewelries.