Fashion Tips: 8 Ways to Reinvent You Look by Wearing Costume Jewelry

Fashion can be bought, but the style is possessed. You may purchase dozens of stylish blouses, edgy dresses, slim-fit tees and modern jeans, but how to style them is utterly up to you. What if you can reinvent your ensembles with costume jewelry? To make a colorful statement in formal work attires or informal street attire, what you need is eye-catching fashion jewelry. Here are 8 tips to refashion your look with costume jewelry:

  1. The famous golden rule

It may come as a surprise, but the golden rule always works wonders. Want to glam up your outfit but having a doubt? Go for gold costume jewelry. Any outfit, be it ripped jeans paired with top or a plain maxi dress looks magnificent when accessorized with a golden necklace, a golden neck collar or a shiny golden brooch. Work the best if you want a simple yet stunning look.

  1. Made for penny plain

Did you know the kind of dressing that looks the best with costume jewelry is none other than the one which is plain and simple? The simpler your outfit is, the more it will enhance your look.  To add prettify your look in plain clothing, you can wear solid hues in jewelry, especially the sculptural patterns. For example a solid green gem neckwear over a plain white shirt and black pencil skirt.

  1. On-the-sleeve-not-beneath-it

Costume jewelry is supposed to be visible. Suppose you are wearing a full-sleeved top and would love to accessorize it. Opt for the wrist cuffs and bold bracelets, and tie them on your sleeve. It would glorify your look, you’ll love it. Such chic styles are totally on-trend these days!

  1. Add it up

You may have heard this saying from time to time: “the more, the better”. This is true for costume jewelry. If you want to reinvent your look into a boho-chic one, get a dangling necklace, huge earrings, stack of bangles, a set of cuffs and a brooch too. Keep experimenting; see what looks good on you the most. No wonder, crazy styling is absolutely in!

  1. The necklace is a must

Don’t wear anything, but wear a necklace. A necklace graces you with the charm that no other costume jewelry can. No matter what outfit you wear, if you wearing a striking necklace, it’ll be the focal point. Wear a crystal necklace, a long one with popping colors, or anyone that matches/contrasts with your handbag, footwear or earrings. There are tons of wholesale necklaces choices nowadays from jewelry boutiques, so do not miss a must-have piece to reinvent yourself!

  1. Earrings make a huge difference

Do you believe that earrings speak volumes about your personality and fashion sense? If not then you better. If you’re an earrings lover then don’t let go of any chance to wear warm and solid shades of studs and dangling funky earrings. Match them with your scarf, cardigan or shirt design.

  1. Brooch rules

Brooch used to be an essential accessory in old times. But truth to be told, it is a versatile piece of costume jewelry that can’t be overseen. Forgive yourself a classy and sassy makeover, start wearing a brooch on lapels and look dope!

  1. With rings comes panache

Rings beautify fingers is a unique manner. Not only it looks majestic, but also a good-to-go minimalist look. There is an abundant variety to wear, a wide assortment of hues, patterns, designs, and styles. You can either wear an even number of rings on one hand and an odd number of multiple rings in the other. Wear one or wear multiple, they’ll definitely revamp your look.

From glittery animal designs to alluring gemstones, try different costume jewelry pieces and add an exceptional oomph to your look every time every day!


Mistakes To Avoid for Wearing Fashion Jewelry

Most women absolutely love jewelry! What is not to love about them? Especially for fashion jewelry with so many varieties today. They are sparkly, they add the right amount of shimmer to your look and they make you look gorgeous. But a lot of women battle with jewelry, mistakes- knowingly and unknowingly.  To avoid looking like you’re wearing too much, we bring you some of the top mistakes we know you’re making.

Wearing Pieces That Do Not Fit

Jewelry can be made of anything; gold, silver, rose gold, diamond and sapphires. Ensure you wear only jewelry that coordinate with all the jewelry you wear, and also with your outfit. This enhances the entire stunning feature of the pieces. When you do this, you prevent your look from appearing overdone. This complements the whole look and prevents it from closing. In essence, if you wear gold earrings, put them up with gold bracelets and gold bangles. That way, you would look coordinated.

Forgetting That Less Is More

Most of the time, when it comes to jewelry, less is actually more. It is not always a good idea to wear every single jewelry in your trinket. Just because you have a bangle, necklace and statement earrings that fit your outfit, it does not mean you have to wear them all! Try them out piece by piece and remove what you think is not needed. That way, you would not get to look like a drag queen.

Wearing Too Many Rings

We know you are extremely proud of your ring collection, but this doesn’t mean you should rub it in our faces. Most ladies fill their fingers with literally every ring in their jewelry box, and it looks awful in the end. Just wear one huge rock or a couple of small and tiny knuckle rings. This would give the perfect balance that is needed and prevent you from landing a comfortable place in the fashion jail.

Wearing Jewelry That Doesn’t Match Your Skin Tone

As a woman of style, you need to choose a jewelry that would suit your skin tone. This does not mean you lack great skin, it just means that you have to purchase the right type of jewelry that would help brighten your overall look, and add some beauty to your outfit. Put your skin tone in mind before making that purchase. However, some jewelry types like rose and yellow gold, platinum and even white gold look good almost on every skin tone.

Not Being Confident While Wearing Jewelry

As much as this factor is highly downplayed, confidence is the most important factor you can display. No matter what jewelry you wear, you need to rock it with confidence- even if it comes with a cheap price tag. For some costume jewelry which are chunky and bold, you should always make yourself confident when wearing them or you may not appear as a match with the one you chose to wear there. Make sure you’re comfortable before you leave the house. The confidence you exhibit from within would definitely reflect on your face, so ensure you comport yourself well. Remember, if you do it, feel comfortable while looking at the mirror, make a quick change before stepping out for the occasion.

With these tips in mind, you have no excuse to make any jewelry mistakes.