Fashion Prospects: 2019 High Fashion Jewelry Styles for Women

As we welcome 2019, it is time we look at some of the fashion prospects that are likely going to be seen. While some of these trends are just like the new kids in the blocks, others are making outstanding comebacks that can hardly be ignored by any fashionista that likes adorning high fashion jewelry.

Take your time to check out the following high fashion jewelry styles for classy women in 2019:

  • Combination of gems

In the previous years, many fashion-conscious women have shifted towards the use of colored gems. However, 2019 is expected to usher in the use of mixed gems than ever before. The combination of diamonds, emeralds and other beautiful gemstones around jewelry will excite many individuals. Whether the designs and colors of these gemstones are matching or complementing, mixed gems are something we are looking forward to seeing more often in the coming years.

  • Bespoke Jewelry Styles

As many jewelry lovers are becoming more informed about these fashion pieces, their tastes are improving. Hence, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a piece of ready-made jewelry that fits perfectly into their tastes. Resultantly, we are going to experience an increase in the need for bespoke jewelry designs. Such bespoke designs allow the customers to have a say in the design of their jewelry while adding personal touches to it. Although this fashion prospect may not become so rampant because of the cost, women with high tastes of jewelry are expected to embrace this style in 2019.

  • A mixture of different pieces with statement charms

Charms that are emphasized with bold and gold designs are on the rise already, and they are one of the most fancied fashion jewelry styles for women in 2019. Since they can contain all sorts of gems and be paired with various types of clothing, there is nothing stopping high-class women from rocking bold jewelry in the next few years. This high fashion style can be used on different pieces of jewelry; so don’t be surprised when you see statement charms on necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other pieces of jewelry. Statement charms will surely make women with high jewelry tastes stand out among their equals. So start finding and buying some fashion pieces with statement charms now to follow the latest fashion jewelry trend of 2019.

  • More layering

Gone are the days when a minimal amount of jewelry is the in-thing; now it is time to welcome layering and stacking of pieces of jewelry especially for fashion costume jewelry. The opulence of jewelry is likely going to be one of the most coveted fashion trends of the year. We have already seen a glimpse of this style in 2018, but 2019 is bound to make it become an en vogue high fashion jewelry style for women. Expect to see more women adorning stacked bangles, multiple bracelets, several necklaces, massive beads, and multiple rings at once.

Models on the runways have already shown us how these 2019 high fashion jewelry styles of women can look when worn properly. Therefore, it is only left for every woman to pick the right fashion pieces that will accentuate their looks.

Mistakes To Avoid for Wearing Fashion Jewelry

Most women absolutely love jewelry! What is not to love about them? Especially for fashion jewelry with so many varieties today. They are sparkly, they add the right amount of shimmer to your look and they make you look gorgeous. But a lot of women battle with jewelry, mistakes- knowingly and unknowingly.  To avoid looking like you’re wearing too much, we bring you some of the top mistakes we know you’re making.

Wearing Pieces That Do Not Fit

Jewelry can be made of anything; gold, silver, rose gold, diamond and sapphires. Ensure you wear only jewelry that coordinate with all the jewelry you wear, and also with your outfit. This enhances the entire stunning feature of the pieces. When you do this, you prevent your look from appearing overdone. This complements the whole look and prevents it from closing. In essence, if you wear gold earrings, put them up with gold bracelets and gold bangles. That way, you would look coordinated.

Forgetting That Less Is More

Most of the time, when it comes to jewelry, less is actually more. It is not always a good idea to wear every single jewelry in your trinket. Just because you have a bangle, necklace and statement earrings that fit your outfit, it does not mean you have to wear them all! Try them out piece by piece and remove what you think is not needed. That way, you would not get to look like a drag queen.

Wearing Too Many Rings

We know you are extremely proud of your ring collection, but this doesn’t mean you should rub it in our faces. Most ladies fill their fingers with literally every ring in their jewelry box, and it looks awful in the end. Just wear one huge rock or a couple of small and tiny knuckle rings. This would give the perfect balance that is needed and prevent you from landing a comfortable place in the fashion jail.

Wearing Jewelry That Doesn’t Match Your Skin Tone

As a woman of style, you need to choose a jewelry that would suit your skin tone. This does not mean you lack great skin, it just means that you have to purchase the right type of jewelry that would help brighten your overall look, and add some beauty to your outfit. Put your skin tone in mind before making that purchase. However, some jewelry types like rose and yellow gold, platinum and even white gold look good almost on every skin tone.

Not Being Confident While Wearing Jewelry

As much as this factor is highly downplayed, confidence is the most important factor you can display. No matter what jewelry you wear, you need to rock it with confidence- even if it comes with a cheap price tag. For some costume jewelry which are chunky and bold, you should always make yourself confident when wearing them or you may not appear as a match with the one you chose to wear there. Make sure you’re comfortable before you leave the house. The confidence you exhibit from within would definitely reflect on your face, so ensure you comport yourself well. Remember, if you do it, feel comfortable while looking at the mirror, make a quick change before stepping out for the occasion.

With these tips in mind, you have no excuse to make any jewelry mistakes.

Why fashion jewelry is your perfect match with your gorgeous dresses?

We all know someone who has thrown this jargon during a conversation to sound like a fashion enthusiast or a radical fashion follower – and we all have shrugged away at their vain attempt at one point or another. But today, things will get serious as we will discuss how you lovely ladies can actually use fashion jewelry to the best of your interest.

Let’s begin!

Fashion jewelry is basically a posh way of saying imitation jewelry – just so we all are clear. But why should you or anyone else wear it with their already expensive branded dresses, this is what you should ask yourself at this point. Well, the answer is simple; fashion jewelry adds that extra feminine touch to our look. It gives you and me something extra to be happy about. In all honesty fashion jewelry too like our clothes and dresses is a way of self-expression.

Look around closely and you will see how a thing as trivial as jewelry can tell a lot about one’s personality. Your choice in jewelry and the way you pair it up with dresses play a significant role in forming a lasting impression on the minds of those who know you and those who don’t know you as well there. There you have one reason as to why you should pair your dresses with fashion jewelry because it is like a code that you can freely offer others to get to know you.

Since fashion jewelry is cheap, it is always reasonable to invest in it, plus it liberates a lot of us from the age barrier as well – because one can’t really expect a 19-year-old girl to be wearing original topaz and diamonds and then getting scolded for losing them! It is something that is readily available and embraces people of all ages, is it your granny or your little cousin fashion jewelry is for everyone.

If you are someone who likes being up to date with the latest fashion trends then fashion jewelry is a total yes-yes for you. Because it evolves as rapidly as the fashion trends around you. So the best way to keep in touch with the latest chic looks is to don a few statement rings with your conventional dress and keep the onlookers guessing what your diva mind is up to!

Last but not the least, women were born to look like queens – because well they are queens and what a queen would it be if she has o gems around the neck or her fingers? So fashion jewelry and dresses go hand in hand to create the perfect look all women wish for. It completes one to an A, so enjoy the latest fashion jewelry while you can – go crazy pairing it up with all your dresses, choose your crazy designs and shades and waltz your way through events looking like a fashionista.

All in all, fashion jewelry should be a great choice for women at all ages and it is always wise to match one or two for your beautiful dresses.

Keep Yourself Updated with the Latest Fashion Jewelry Trends

Keep Yourself Updated with the Latest Fashion Jewelry Trends

Are you the kind of person who always keeps up with the latest fashion jewelry trends? Why not? A stylish, up to date jewelry piece can enhance the entire beauty and hotness quotient of your sensual dress. But if you want to look your best, you have to ensure that you are following the latest trend that is in fashion today.

The popularity of jewelry is very high

Jewelry has always been the best friend of all women folks whether she is a teenager, adult, a lady or an elderly woman. They consider decking up with neck pieces; bangles and ear studs etc enhances their beauty and makes them look complete.

If you follow the market closely, you will come to know that these fashion trends are very quick to come and go. Keeping a pace with it is pretty difficult. But those who can maintain it are regarded as stylish and fashionable and are also given appreciation for it.

Why fashion jewelry is in trend?

  • They are budget friendly and affordable other than the gold and diamonds.
  • It is difficult to differentiate their authenticity when seen with naked eyes.
  • They are available in variable designs, colors, shapes, sizes and materials.
  • These are ideal for parties and outings.
  • The items are available in different metals and components and can also be customized according to your preferences.

These are some of the primary reasons for the immense popularity of such products in the market today.

Making the right statement is necessary

Maintaining the latest vogue doesn’t mean that you will overdo with all kinds of junk jewelries and other pieces. Usually people commit this mistake of decking themselves up with every kind of items starting from danglers, heavy necklaces and heritage rings etc. This will definitely not make you look cool but rather foolish. It is very important to exhibit the correct style statement and become a role model for others.

Shop for the correct items

It is extremely important to purchase products of the recent style that matches your personality and regular fashion sense. Don’t go for too bold items if you are not confident about it. This will make things even worse for you. It is recommended to go for only those units that are of your type and you are comfortable in it. Get the quality fashion jewelry and look your best everywhere.