Colorful Austrian Crystal and Zircon Inlaid Round Square Combo Pendant 18K Rose Gold Necklace
Colorful Austrian Crystal and Zircon Inlaid Round Square Combo Pendant 18K Rose Gold Necklace

Fashion jewellery is no longer just imitation or gilt jewellery that is looked upon as a low price alternative to the expensive fine jewellery. Over the years, it has grown into a craft that has seen various innovations and the creative spirit of many acclaimed fashion designers. Fine jewellery exudes class and style; it is the ultimate choice for making a statement about the status and social class of the wearer. Even today, they are seen as status symbols by many. However, the fashion jewellery is not about the status or class but rather speaks about the individuality of the wearer.

Fashion jewellery was made popular long back when many famous designers opted for these while designing for some famous women. There are various examples in the fashion history of twentieth century where beautiful movie stars and other famous women have boldly flaunted their fashion jewellery when they could have easily afforded fine jewellery. Brands like Swarovski have contributed in making fashion jewellery a trend. Since then, they have become an epitome of style and class and are always a favourite on international fashion ramps.


Fashion jewellery design is seen as a creative job and it is rightly so. What makes this so interesting is that these jewellery allow for more flexible patterns and motifs, which do not have to confirm to the traditional jewellery designs. Just the way they impart exclusiveness to the wearer, they are crafted from numerous unique ideas that inspire the designer and take shape in their creative hands.

Right from coming up with a design idea to deciding on the right materials and giving them shape, designing fashion jewellery is an exhilarating journey because creating something beautiful to be treasured is always an uplifting experience.


What makes fashion jewelry design so unique is the chance to experiment with various metals and materials, something which cannot be done with fine jewellery. Metals like brass, copper, aluminium, steel, nickel, gun metal, etc. are made use of while many natural materials and substances like leather, fabric, silk, jute, ceramic, acrylic, terracotta and wood are used to give a different look to these designs.

The availability of such a wide range of materials and their versatility leaves room for the designers to give free reign to their imagination and create pieces of singular beauty. The chance to explore a lot of materials helps the designer to draw inspiration from various themes, sometimes even as different as the tribal motifs or the ancient symbols of mysticism and create pieces that do more than just complementing the clothes. They exude an individuality that speaks for itself.

Fashion jewellery can tell a lot about the person wearing it so they have to be genuine and creative, based on concept or idea. Though aesthetics are of immense value while designing these, it is important that along with the outer good looks, the piece has a soul of its own.

Fashion jewellery is a trend that is here to stay for long, as long as creativity does not run out and the inspiration continues.