Fashion Trends for 2015 Spring Jewellery Designs and Styles

Golden Rim Assorted Geometric Resin Gem Combined Pendant Necklace - Multicolor
Golden Rim Assorted Geometric Resin Gem Combined Pendant Necklace – Multicolor

The most important item a woman wears is her jewellery. Jewellery, especially fashion jewellery attracts woman as well as man in all aspects. It is not a surprising fact that women spend most of their time worrying about their jewellery. With the end of 2014, fashion stylists are already worried about their new style range for 2015. Jewellery forms change according to the season and hence it is always a good sign to keep a track on the best type of jewellery for the coming months. therefore did a detailed analysis and prediction for the prospective 2015 jewelry trends. Here are some of the jewellery types that can attract the fashion trends of spring 2015.

  1. Modern Silver:- It is always a nice option to wear short and simple modern style jewellery during spring time. Modern silver is one of a type of jewelry trends that will probably be seen in 2015 spring time. Simple designer necklaces and bracelets made up of silver will be a new trend during that time. Sterling silver earrings as well as finger rings will catch the attraction. Usually this type of silver jewelry will be with small and delicate designed silver pendent. This kind of jewellery can be used for all types of wears.
  2. Beads:- Specially designed beaded jewellery can be a great choice for spring time. Usually wearing heavy jewellery is not preferred during the spring time and hence jewellery made up of beads can be a good option. Handmade knitted designs of beads over a sterling silver chain can be worn for all purposes.
  3. Fresh Flowers:- Spring season is the perfect time for different colourful flowers. Making jewellery with these flowers has become a new trend nowadays. Jewellery designers are actively involving themselves in making different necklaces and earrings using beautiful fresh flowers. These flowers are so well preserved that they remain fresh for several days. This type of jewellery can be worn by anyone and for any type of occasions.
  4. Stone studded:- Wearing different stone studded jewellery becomes a trend in almost every season. During spring time stone studded jewellery can be seen at a much higher level. Different colourful stones are used in order to make jewellery. Since spring marks the presence of different colours hence that idea is very well depicted in these kinds of jewellery.
  5. Filigree jewellery:- This type of jewellery came into existence from Spain. A lot of patience and an eye for capturing the minute details are essential for making this kind of jewelry. Pure silver is hammered at first to make these typle jewelries thin and then bended to render different shapes. Therefore, this type of jewellery is comparatively light and hence can be worn for any purposes.
  6. Ivory Jewellery:- This form of the jewellery is widely used during the spring time and 2015 will not be an exception. Since ivory is soft and can be bended to make all sorts of shapes. This is a stylish form of jewellery design.

These are some of the new trends that are likely to be seen in spring 2015’s style statements. Wearing these jewelries can change the entire fashion senses for many.