Important Tips on How to Buy Wholesale Jewelry and Make Great Money

Without a doubt, jewelry market will continue to become larger and more profitable as more people understand the need to embellish their looks with various pieces of jewelry, especilly for fashion costume jewelry. Perhaps you would like to cash in on the jewelry market and make great money for yourself by buying at wholesale and selling it to people; there are different ways to get this done.

No matter the types of jewelry you have decided to buy at wholesale, there are important tips that can help you get great returns on your investments. These proven and vital tips include:

  • Get A Legitimate Jewelry Supplier

As long as buying wholesale jewelry is concerned, the need for you to get a legitimate supplier can never be overemphasized. With the help of a legitimate supplier, you will be able to get awesome and high-quality pieces of jewelry in abundance. Also, you will have access to these pieces of jewelry at wholesale prices that you may not get elsewhere.

Some of the options you can consider include online auction websites and local papers that offer have advertisements related discount sales. You also can search online with the help of seach engine such as Google or Bing. Do read to see if you can find some positive reviews there about the specific jewelry supplier before making any purchases.

However, if you are looking for only a particular type of jewelry, you should consider this when looking for a legitimate jewelry supplier. For instance, if you want to make great money from selling only fashion jewelry, you should find a legitimate jewelry supplier who can supply you wholesale fashion jewelry, as a professional online one-stop wholesale fashion jewelry supplier offers thousands of high fashion jewelry collections and should be considered to be No. 1 choice for costume jewelry procurement.

  • Be in tune with the trends

To make great sales from wholesale jewelry, you must know the jewelry trends as most of your potential clients will likely want to buy trendy jewelry pieces. Take your time to read magazines and blogs that are dedicated to fashion and jewelry. Having known the trends and what your customers need, you will be able to get wholesale jewelry that they will be willing to part ways with their money for.

  • Define and build your brand

After understanding and getting the wholesale jewelry that your customers are interested in, you should endeavor to define and build your brand. Branding offers your business a form of packaging that makes more clients to be willing to be associated with it. The branding of your wholesale products may include designing a captivating business logo and developing a customer-oriented website. Use unrivaled branding to tell the story behind the aesthetic pieces of jewelry you have and you will be amazed at how much money you can make.

  • Market your jewelry

Buying the wholesale jewelry that your customers want is not enough; you need to make them notice the jewelry you have through marketing. From your business website to social media platforms, local print media, store windows, referrals and so on, there is no marketing medium that is too big or small for marketing. Use every opportunity to let people know about your wholesale jewelry so that you can make great money.

As long as you are willing to put in work, you can make lots of money through buying wholesale jewelry and selling it to various individuals.

Fashion Prospects: 2019 High Fashion Jewelry Styles for Women

As we welcome 2019, it is time we look at some of the fashion prospects that are likely going to be seen. While some of these trends are just like the new kids in the blocks, others are making outstanding comebacks that can hardly be ignored by any fashionista that likes adorning high fashion jewelry.

Take your time to check out the following high fashion jewelry styles for classy women in 2019:

  • Combination of gems

In the previous years, many fashion-conscious women have shifted towards the use of colored gems. However, 2019 is expected to usher in the use of mixed gems than ever before. The combination of diamonds, emeralds and other beautiful gemstones around jewelry will excite many individuals. Whether the designs and colors of these gemstones are matching or complementing, mixed gems are something we are looking forward to seeing more often in the coming years.

  • Bespoke Jewelry Styles

As many jewelry lovers are becoming more informed about these fashion pieces, their tastes are improving. Hence, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a piece of ready-made jewelry that fits perfectly into their tastes. Resultantly, we are going to experience an increase in the need for bespoke jewelry designs. Such bespoke designs allow the customers to have a say in the design of their jewelry while adding personal touches to it. Although this fashion prospect may not become so rampant because of the cost, women with high tastes of jewelry are expected to embrace this style in 2019.

  • A mixture of different pieces with statement charms

Charms that are emphasized with bold and gold designs are on the rise already, and they are one of the most fancied fashion jewelry styles for women in 2019. Since they can contain all sorts of gems and be paired with various types of clothing, there is nothing stopping high-class women from rocking bold jewelry in the next few years. This high fashion style can be used on different pieces of jewelry; so don’t be surprised when you see statement charms on necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other pieces of jewelry. Statement charms will surely make women with high jewelry tastes stand out among their equals. So start finding and buying some fashion pieces with statement charms now to follow the latest fashion jewelry trend of 2019.

  • More layering

Gone are the days when a minimal amount of jewelry is the in-thing; now it is time to welcome layering and stacking of pieces of jewelry especially for fashion costume jewelry. The opulence of jewelry is likely going to be one of the most coveted fashion trends of the year. We have already seen a glimpse of this style in 2018, but 2019 is bound to make it become an en vogue high fashion jewelry style for women. Expect to see more women adorning stacked bangles, multiple bracelets, several necklaces, massive beads, and multiple rings at once.

Models on the runways have already shown us how these 2019 high fashion jewelry styles of women can look when worn properly. Therefore, it is only left for every woman to pick the right fashion pieces that will accentuate their looks.

Fashion Jewelry Tips for Winter: What’s Hot and Wise to Wear for Cold Seasons

When it is the winter, everything changes including what we wear. It is the time of the year to adorn several layers of clothes, sweaters, gloves, scarves and many other things that can reduce exposure to the cold weather. Choosing the right jewelry that is hot and wise is important.

Perhaps you are confused about what you can wear that is safe and cool, here is a simple guide for wearing best styles of jewelry for winter:

Choose studs and earrings with small hoops

For many individuals, an earring is one essential item that they cannot do without wearing when going out. However, during the cold seasons, you should not go for any big earrings that can easily get entangled with the threads of your cloth or scarf. You should rather choose studs and small earrings. These are not just ideal for you when you have scarves and other many layers of cloth on, but they are also very fashionable. Tons of fashion earrings nowadays can be found at wholesale earrings stores either locally or online, so do spend sometime to choose some approriate ones for code seasons.

Consider wristwatches with a leather band

Wearing a metal watch around your wrist during the winter when the temperature is very low could make you feel as if you have dipped your hands into several ice cubes. This is because metals are capable of increasing the impact of the cold around your wrist. Therefore, what you need to wear during the winter is a wristwatch with a sleek and high-quality leather band. You can make the color of the leather band to complement or match the most dominant color in your outfit.

Go for solid metal rings

Polished, solid metal rings are beautiful pieces for the winter as they make a good fashion statement about your personal style and tastes. To ensure that these solid metal rings are not hidden away under your gloves, you should wear fingerless gloves that will allow everyone to see the amazing ring you have on your finger.

Choose Short chain necklaces

You should avoid wearing a necklace with a long chain as it can be easily tied up with the threads of the scarves and winter coats; thus, making you lose your pendant in the process. Instead of long chains, wear necklaces with short chains that can be seamlessly worn along with your scarves, coats and other winter clothing items. Usually, winter will be a season for costume jewelry wholesalers to release new arrivals, so you can easily find some new designs for winter wearing in wholesale necklaces boutiques.

Make Bracelets with elastic bands your choice

A bracelet is another hot and good item you can wear for the winter as long as you pick the right one. Nowadays, there is a wide range of charm bracelets that come with elastic bands you can choose from. Choosing this type of bracelet offers you the privilege to wear your bracelet while still adorning gloves that protect your hands with the cold. As an alternative, you can wear a fitting bracelet with solid metal bangles. Throughout the winter, avoid wearing bracelets that have clasps.

With the information above, winter should not stop you from looking hot and fashionable as you can now pick the right fashion jewelry that is hot and wise for the cold seasons.

Fashion Tips: 8 Ways to Reinvent You Look by Wearing Costume Jewelry

Fashion can be bought, but the style is possessed. You may purchase dozens of stylish blouses, edgy dresses, slim-fit tees and modern jeans, but how to style them is utterly up to you. What if you can reinvent your ensembles with costume jewelry? To make a colorful statement in formal work attires or informal street attire, what you need is eye-catching fashion jewelry. Here are 8 tips to refashion your look with costume jewelry:

  1. The famous golden rule

It may come as a surprise, but the golden rule always works wonders. Want to glam up your outfit but having a doubt? Go for gold costume jewelry. Any outfit, be it ripped jeans paired with top or a plain maxi dress looks magnificent when accessorized with a golden necklace, a golden neck collar or a shiny golden brooch. Work the best if you want a simple yet stunning look.

  1. Made for penny plain

Did you know the kind of dressing that looks the best with costume jewelry is none other than the one which is plain and simple? The simpler your outfit is, the more it will enhance your look.  To add prettify your look in plain clothing, you can wear solid hues in jewelry, especially the sculptural patterns. For example a solid green gem neckwear over a plain white shirt and black pencil skirt.

  1. On-the-sleeve-not-beneath-it

Costume jewelry is supposed to be visible. Suppose you are wearing a full-sleeved top and would love to accessorize it. Opt for the wrist cuffs and bold bracelets, and tie them on your sleeve. It would glorify your look, you’ll love it. Such chic styles are totally on-trend these days!

  1. Add it up

You may have heard this saying from time to time: “the more, the better”. This is true for costume jewelry. If you want to reinvent your look into a boho-chic one, get a dangling necklace, huge earrings, stack of bangles, a set of cuffs and a brooch too. Keep experimenting; see what looks good on you the most. No wonder, crazy styling is absolutely in!

  1. The necklace is a must

Don’t wear anything, but wear a necklace. A necklace graces you with the charm that no other costume jewelry can. No matter what outfit you wear, if you wearing a striking necklace, it’ll be the focal point. Wear a crystal necklace, a long one with popping colors, or anyone that matches/contrasts with your handbag, footwear or earrings. There are tons of wholesale necklaces choices nowadays from jewelry boutiques, so do not miss a must-have piece to reinvent yourself!

  1. Earrings make a huge difference

Do you believe that earrings speak volumes about your personality and fashion sense? If not then you better. If you’re an earrings lover then don’t let go of any chance to wear warm and solid shades of studs and dangling funky earrings. Match them with your scarf, cardigan or shirt design.

  1. Brooch rules

Brooch used to be an essential accessory in old times. But truth to be told, it is a versatile piece of costume jewelry that can’t be overseen. Forgive yourself a classy and sassy makeover, start wearing a brooch on lapels and look dope!

  1. With rings comes panache

Rings beautify fingers is a unique manner. Not only it looks majestic, but also a good-to-go minimalist look. There is an abundant variety to wear, a wide assortment of hues, patterns, designs, and styles. You can either wear an even number of rings on one hand and an odd number of multiple rings in the other. Wear one or wear multiple, they’ll definitely revamp your look.

From glittery animal designs to alluring gemstones, try different costume jewelry pieces and add an exceptional oomph to your look every time every day!


6 hottest jewelry styles that you must have for 2018 Fall & Winter

We all know that in the fashion industry, Fall is literally the start of a new year with new fashions and trends, so before the month arrives, we thought why not help you guys out with the hottest jewelry styles that are worth trying with all your warm and cozy fall outfits and get ready to make yourself shine for the holidays?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen so many dramatic 80s inspired glamorous and sparkly styles that made us go gaga all over the trend, but this time it’s something even crazier than ever. From what we know, this fall, anything that is bigger and longer in size, it’s the better. From full-size earrings too big, bold necklaces and bracelets.

They might sound hurtful and heavy in the description, but they are sooo worth trying this fall and we’re pretty sure our favorite brands won’t make such painful jewelry that would be hard to handle.

Now you must be wondering what all the hype is about, so without further ado, here we bring you the 6 hottest jewelry styles that you must have in your bag this fall & winter.

1.     The Chunky Chains and Bangles:

This trend never seems to run out of fashion, every now and then, chains and bangles are brought out in style with a new twist. Be it necklaces or bracelets, they are just the perfect touch to complete your fall and winter look.

2.     The Chokers:

Let’s admit to the fact that we’re still in love with chokers and they’ve been in trend for quite a long time but guess what? This awesome trend has been taken to a whole another level and it’ll make you go bonkers over it. From delicate pearls and stone embedded chokers to plain silver torcs! How sleek is that?

3.     The mismatched pairs:

Wow! Now, this is what we call something out of the world! Who would’ve thought that mismatched pairs would actually turn out to be a thing? These asymmetric gorgeous earrings are definitely attractive and render new look for girls and women, so time to take out different pairs of earrings and make them a combination!

4.     The fall leaves:

How could autumn feel like autumn without the presence of leaves? From long earring to  statement necklace, all major brands or jewelry suppliers’ collections are with a touch of fall leaves. What a creation indeed!

5.     The one-sided earring:

Bought a new pair of earrings and ended up breaking them? No worries, because one-sided earring is now a trend you can opt for with all the confidence while walking on the streets like the fashionista you are!

6.     The skinny chains:

Since it all about fall & winter, clothes might seem a little too tight and dull, so to top it off, skinny long necklaces would perfectly go with the outfits and give an overall simple and elegant look.

So ladies, before the “New Year” in fashion begins, hit your favorite brands and buy all the latest trending jewelry and make the crowd look twice at you and say, damn girl, you are on fire!