An Amazing Attempt: Integration of Gothic Style into Jewelry Design

Vintage Gothic Design Knuckle Ring
Vintage Gothic Design Knuckle Ring


Beginning of a new era

Gothic fashion of the 1980s, often associated with the Victorian era is believed to have its roots in the Gothic sub-genre of music, which began in England during the same time. Post-punk musicians were the trend-setters of this epic subculture that celebrated ‘Morbidity’ seeping through the contemporary scene. ‘The Gothic’ would set a dark, mysterious and often a rebellious statement for the people who were still following the sleek trends of the 1970s.

Religious and occult themes and symbols

The counter-cultural movement of the Gothic represented dark and eerie subsets, in the form of recurrent religious or other occult symbols and themes (the cross, skeletons, vultures and wolves, etc.) smeared across the exotic genre. Soon enough, the fashion industry would incorporate Gothic elements into clothing and accessories. This was a time of great transformation. The movement from the disco era into this unusual period marked by dark and exotic motifs and themes was new and rebellious in nature.

Trend-setting of the Gothic

But because both of those things are risky and evolutionary at the same time, the Gothic subculture expanded rapidly across the globe. The market was flooded with goods corresponding to the latest needs of the people. The younger population was especially targeted by companies who began to offer things and collectibles bearing Gothic art in similar style. It is fascinating to note that the unparalleled theme actually had its origins in the contemporary music scene of the UK, which was integral in setting the trend in the market, and to further the scope for sellers of such exotic goods. This irregular trend-setting makes a way for the integration of Gothic style into latest jewelry fashion.

The cross: A brilliant design theme

Gothic jewelry gave a voice to the emerging community of folks who were still growing in number. Of course it proved to be an excellent choice to incorporate Gothic elements into contemporary jewelry. ‘The cross’ came out to be a favorite among the youth who decided to retain God in their revolt against conservative thinking. Except that the pendants, bracelets and other accessories, would essentially be black or purple in color, and carved out in a fashion that would emanate a spooky and a mysterious feeling which attracts a group of fans.

Gothic style of jewelry, with literary and music scenes defending and carrying forth the genre together, provided a great opportunity for the people who were looking up to the emerging trend to make it their niche style statement. It defined their individuality and gave it a name. Gothic accessories ranged from pendants to earrings and bracelets, wrist bands, etc.

The Gothic Style as a way of life

It was simply enchanting to see the market for it which grew even more with different kinds of darkly themed articles and jewelry being introduced every day. It helped shape the realities of a time where the revolution was not needed to be televised but was material from the beginning, in the sense that it was seen as a way of life.

The best part about the emergence of the Gothic culture was probably the fact that it was reminiscent of a unique tone of appeal that captured the attention of both boys and girls. It may have enabled blurring of the boundaries and dissolution of differences between the two sexes. And thus, it would not be far-fetched to imagine that it must have initiated a reshaping of the society as a whole, with male and female counterparts together lionizing the movement through the Gothic transformation, an amazing attempt indeed.