New Trend of 2017 – Must Have Choker Necklaces

white lace necklace
white lace necklace

That old 90’s trend is back! Yes, I’m talking about chokers! If you had loved that trend, now is your opportunity to flaunt that trend with full pride. It’s back in fashion and is boldly surpassing all other necklace patterns.

Lace choker necklaces are the more sought after ones. Here are some of the must have chokers of 2017 that have come a long way from the 90s.

Why Choker Necklaces?

Well, chokers are being famous not only because a lot of the 90s are coming back, but also because it lends your look a simple, yet elegant and gorgeous finishing touch. A simple round necklace can make you the star of the party if you wear it right. That’s choker necklaces for you.

And lace choker necklaces are all the more trendy because they give off an exotic look. Paired with a short dress and lovely earrings, they can make you a fashion icon overnight.

Lace Choker Necklaces

Lace chokers necklaces are really hot ones for 2017 with the fashion trend of wearing lace materials. A lot of designers are integrating lace as a vintage element so that women are resorting to it too. So lace choker necklaces will definitely be a great choice for your outfits. It is not hard to find some good selections of wholesale lace choker necklaces in the accessory market nowadays, simply start searching there and grab some to keep with the lace choker trend.

Floral Printed Lace Chokers

White or black, these lace necklaces have the imprints of flowers and can go with almost any dress. Whether it’s a black party dress or a simple off shoulder floral printed casual dress, a floral lace choker will up your game to a great extent.

They can be both thin as well as thick. The tiny ones will give you just the right amount of elegance you need for any formal party. The thick ones would look good with just about any dress which keeps your neckline bare.

Velvet Choker Necklaces

Velvet choker necklaces are the most used ones. And yet they do not stop being trendy. They simply cannot! Usually, in darker shades, these velvety chokers have a seductive aura about them.

They often have a little charm hanging down the middle to fill up that small gap between your collarbones which make them excellent options for a thick-necked dress.

Tassel Chain Choker Necklace
Tassel Chain Choker Necklace

Leather Choker Necklaces

Are you into the gothic look? Or are you into metal music? Or maybe you like the punk styles more? Then leather chokers are the best way to flaunt your love for any of these.

They are thick and give you a punk or gothic look which can be pretty attractive if paired with a leather jacket over a black tank top. Even these chokers often come with little charms in the middle which are usually metal and which further the punk/gothic look.

Pure Black Chokers

These are the most common ones. Sounds like a thick black cloth wrapped around your neck but has a certain charm about it which makes it the favorite choice for most girls. And they go with all your casual outfits as well.

Other Varying Choker Necklaces

Other chokers include the chokers with chains hanging around the front, so they give off a second collar look. These chokers usually look good for a nighttime party where you can flaunt your elegance as well as simplicity. Then there are the leather and rhinestone chokers which come with a little bow tied in the front.

Choker necklaces are the recent jewelry trends of 2017, and these are something you must have. Flaunt your 90’s style proudly in 2017!