Mexico Fashion Jewellery Trend: A Quick Peek

Fabulous Hollow Roses Fashion Collar Necklace and Earrings Set - Golden
Fabulous Hollow Roses Fashion Collar Necklace and Earrings Set – Golden

Ever wondered what it is like to do shopping for authentic jewellery in Mexico? You never know what you might find next – but one thing is for sure. It’s all going to be colourful and with unique designs that can attract any jewellery – crazy person. As with all others, Mexico fashion Jewellery trend too is constantly evolving.

To any stranger, Mexico fashion Jewellery trend is incomplete without silver. The largely used precious metal in Mexico, silver, forms an integral part of fashion ornaments in here.

Materials used:

Fashion articles are made from practically everything in Mexico, but the following are predominantly used of late:

  • Silver – Mostly coming from the old mining town of Tasco – with great quality.
  • Gold – Increasing being used in earrings, pendants etc.
  • Leather – From highly expensive quality leather to low quality cheap leather.
  • Precious stones – turquoise, topaz – red, blue etc.

Fashion articles:

This could very well be an exhausting list, but nevertheless, the following fashion articles are of huge demand in Mexico. Mexico fashion jewellery trend would be incomplete without the below:

  1. Bracelet: Unique artisan/handcrafted Mexican bracelets are of huge demand. They come in different sizes and shapes – from very thin strips to bigger ones covering the forearms fully. More expensive ones come in silver and seldom have leather and metal buckles.
  1. Earrings: Most common among these come in hoop form and are covered in gold or silver. These are usually made in authentic traditional styles. Some Mexican earrings even bear traditional symbols – for instance the sun rays etc.
  1. Rings: Mostly made in silver, these are hugely popular among Mexican jewellery. Often embedded with precious metals stones such as topaz or turquoise, fashion lovers have plenty to choose from in terms of design. A unique combination of sterling silver and precious stone – turquoise deserves a special mention among Mexican rings.
  1. Necklace and Pendants: Any fashion jewellery shopping is incomplete without necklace and pendants. Vintage style turquoise studded pendants coupled with pure silver looks extremely attractive and will certainly leave a mark for those special occasions in your life. Mexican necklaces in all sorts of shapes and designs are often marked by their elegance and offer a great treat to the eyes.

Coral Jewellery:

Found abundant, Mexican coral stones are widely used in designer jewellery. They are famed for their vibrant colours which are uniquely blended with silver frames producing one of the finest pieces of fashion statement. They are widely used in necklaces, pendants and earrings. Watch out for black corals – that are illegal in Mexico – which now are replaced with fake materials resembling black corals.


Mexico Jewellery fashion trends are evolving at such a pace that buyers are spoilt for choices to choose from. Mexican fashion ornaments are available from as low as a few dollars (made of fired clay or cheap leather) to more expensive ones which are made of pure sterling silver and high quality gold. In short – they are available for a few dollars to thousands of dollars for the most expensive ones.


For those souvenir savvy, Mexican jewellery offers great value for money. Handcrafted, precisely made and traditionally designed, they are an ideal choice for collectors. For those fashion conscious, Mexican souvenir is a cool way to mark their presence felt in any occasion. In short, Mexico fashion jewellery trend is taking the world by storm with their uniqueness and rich designs!