Fashion Scarf Necklace: The New- age Combination

Stone Gem Triangle Pendant Fashion Scarf Necklace - Orange
Stone Gem Triangle Pendant Fashion Scarf Necklace – Orange

Picture this scenario – you are dressing up to attend a late night party. You decide to wear an outfit complemented with that scarf that you saved for this occasion. But then you found something else – your favourite necklace. Now you are in a dilemma – should you wear the scarf or should you wear the necklace?

If you faced a similar situation – finally there is some good news. Fashion Scarf Necklace is the latest in the fashion world and could come to your rescue!

What is it?

Fashion scarf necklace refers to a creative combination of scarf with finely designed jewellery necklace – made together into one. Sounding like a bit bizarre? Well, then the reality is that it is the hot topic when it comes to designer fashion accessories all over the world.

How is it made?

Scarf necklace article is designed in such a way that they complement each other. A finely made scarf – usually of vibrant colours, is first identified. Next is to identify a jewellery necklace that could match the scarf. The scarf is then twisted/tied up in a fashionable way around the necklace (could be the other way around too) forming a formidable combination of scarf with the necklace ornament clearly visible in the front.

Uniquely designed authentic pendants also go great with the fashion scarf necklaces.

Why wear them?

You always have reasons to wear scarf necklace souvenirs –

  • When it is cold out there, there is no other go, but to wear a scarf.
  • If it requires showing off some jewellery, complement the scarf with a precious necklace.
  • Tying scarf in a unique knot itself is fashionable. But then blending it with necklace is even more!

Different styles

You could always choose from a variety of styles, but the below would be worth considering.

  1. Authentic traditional: These scarf necklaces boast of a classic approach and are usually in the form of heart or a flower or a cross etc.
  2. Modern themes: Imaginative designs with futuristic looks. They don’t have any particular shape, but adds to the glamour.
  3. Animal themes: Here the pendants used are animal jewellery. They are shaped as peacocks, lions, elephants etc.
  4. Free style themes: Designed as more creative with easily available normal jewellery.

Make your own:

If you are in the mood to use your own imagination for making your own scarf article, here is a simple one that should help to start with:

Find a jump ring – preferably made of high quality metals. Open them using pliers. Attach them to a suitable bail – and also with a pendant. Now insert the scarf into the bail hole carefully and pull it with gentle manner till the bail reaches the middle of the scarf.

Last – add a few twists and knots, beads to the scarf – and you are good to go!

If you the lazy type, just try to make a square scarf into a snake shape and drape it together with a stranded necklace. Make sure to wind the scarf around the necklace and tie knots at appropriate places to hold them together.

Be different:

Fashion scarf necklace are quite new to the fashion world and should look good at any occasions. A wise combination of a vibrant colored scarf with a traditional necklace and pendant will make sure that you stand out in the crowd!