The Fashion Gala – Must-have Jewelry Styles for Girls

Luxuriant Flowers Cluster Design Fashion Statement Necklace
Luxuriant Flowers Cluster Design Fashion Statement Necklace


Jewellery always has a way to make your simple dresses look stylish, spirited and stunning. You can put on just a plain white dress and couple it with long chain necklaces, some intricate bracelets, hippy earrings and it would be good to go. You can also go for minimal jewellery, minimal jewellery worn with vibrant dresses go long way.  Jewellery is a blessing in disguise for women.

New trends have piled in and accessories have taken a different turn all together this season.

Following are the knick-knacks, the must-haves in every girl’s closet:

a) Pierce Illusionist, the EARCUFFS:

This season go extremely yet elegant with one and only earcuffs.

Earcuffs make it look like you have multiple piercings.

Scared of piercings? No need to worry, now you have access to the pierce illusionist, the earcuffs.

They would make great addition to your collections. Earcuffs this season would make a style statement over traditional earrings.

b) Layered Necklaces:

You can easily have access to mutli-strand necklaces in the market. They are available with pendants of various shapes and colours. You can wear your own edition of layered necklaces by using single strand similar necklaces with varied pendants and wear them to make a style statement. They look simple but really they would spruce up your outfit.

c) Rings over Rings:

If you loved the idea of layered necklaces, you can also use stacked rings. Stacked rings are distinctive and pleasant to the eye. Stacked rings put up the best appearance when worn in lots and is also coupled with other jewellery. A stack of two-three rings on a single finger won’t attract as much attention as it would if you used more rings or wear it on multiple fingers. It gives a quirky style edge.

d) Rock the Headgears:

Headgears have made an entry again this season. Back from the 70’s, this accessory comes in floral variations. You can pair them with floral dresses. They are easily available. You can pair it with the simplest of hairstyles or you could just let your hair down and let the headgear do its job.

e) Rose Gold Bracelets:

Rose gold plated bracelets have found a way in this season. They are elegant and look beautiful with smaller pendants attached to it. You can customize your bracelets by adding pendants according to your will.

f) Braided Bracelets:

Braided Bracelets are other artistic, simple made bracelets, obtainable in funky colours.

You can make them on your own; there are tons of tutorials available for the same. At the same time they are inexpensive and also help highlighting a casual outfit.

g) Single Earrings:

Another trend coming forth is single earrings. All you have to do is braid your hair to one side covering your ear and wear a single earring on the other ear. Single earrings could be long and funky.

h) The 60’s is back:

The 60’s is back with round sunglasses on the block. They are available in different shades. The vintage round sunglasses are a fresh approach to a traditional style.

Be stylish, Be funky, Be elegant, Be beautiful, Be You!

Happy Accessorizing with the recommended jewelry styles.