Bold, Royal, Polychromatic! – Defines US Fashion Jewelry Trends 2015

Looking for today’s fashion jewelry trends? As a matter of fact, all top fashion jewelry brands of US sail on the same boat when it comes to concepts, yet succeeds in exclusivity with design. On the whole, the latest 2015 trends are all about show-stopper boldness, royal intricacies and goes with everything polychrome. This season offers ‘No more muddling’ trend as the burden to shop jewelry for different occasions and distinct styles has been taken care of. With focus on just 5 key concepts, one can easily have a complete jewelry collection of the season that would match every style in their wardrobe.

Be it runway trends or street fashion ‘Chain-Lock chic’, ‘Kingdom-Era’, ‘Chandelier-Inspired’,’ Jazzy Hued’ and ‘Tribal Modernity’ were the concepts that played the lead roles of fashion jewelry. Here comes the story of key concepts that rule fashion jewelry trends 2015.

Chain-Lock Chic

Interlocked love for boldness!

Chain-lock chic is all about the inter-mesh network that speaks bold, huge and masculinity loudly. It is a unisex trend that complements both masculinity and feminity giving way for gender equality. Be it hefty or simple thin style chain, the mesh structure is omnipresent defining the power macho lines. Almost every form of jewelry nowadays more or less witnesses this chief trend. One should make sure to own the style to stay up to date.


A trip back to ancient life!

Kingdom-Era takes one to the time of royalty, war and kingdom rules keeping in loop with current times of modernity. Temple Pendants, metal brooches, stud- Leather bracelet, geometrically cut brass bracelet, royal carving pendants are all giving way to live an ancestral Kingdom-Era life. Although the designs are majorly royal-inspired shapes, bold color and structure of the jewelry reveal modernity. Periodic styles are redesigned carefully while shielding the emperor integrity. This genre is indispensable for 2015’s fashion jewelry trend.


Timeless Chandeliers evolve for this new age!

Chandelier is not just to decorate the ceiling anymore, it has now taken a new way to spread its charm. For instance, chandelier-inspired drops are carved with great intricate detailing to light up the wearer. Of all necklaces and earrings are the categories that are widely dazzled with the trend. The spotlight of the trend is that, this luxury look is to go with any occasion, be it wedding, cocktail Party, casual or formal.

Jazzy Hued

Single piece multi-hued jewelry completes all the styles!

All bright colored stones are brought together for a mix and match combination with in single piece of jewelry. Novel nuance is all about the combination of subtle outfit with multi-hued stone jewelry. Now this is a game change, jazzy hued jewelry crosses the boundary of occasion orientation. Some of the exclusive pieces are carefully handcrafted with different cut multi-colored stone pendants that are brought together in one piece. Multi-toned crystals take up the spot of trend lord this season.

Tribal modernity

Inner strength spoken through tribal wildness!

Multi-colored bead lover fashionistas can now go crazy with down pouring tribal-inspired jewelry. Freshness is brought in with exotic wildness. Over-size beads, geometric cuts, scary sharpness, weave patterns are the trendy statements of the season. Furthermore intricacies make their way to sophistication in the style.