Tips about how to match accessories with your hairstyle

Korean Fashion Cloth Peach Blossom Hair Clip - Pink
Korean Fashion Cloth Peach Blossom Hair Clip – Pink

Every smart fashionista admitted there are no external accessories that can measure up to the natural advantages our hair provides; our hair can be twisted, curled, braided in a hundred different ways to suit our apparel and also to give our face interesting new dimensions.

However, different hairstyles can be accessorized with a variety of hair jewellery to enhance the overall effect. From cute and gorgeous headbands which courtesy of Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl have attained a new respect in fashion headwear, to stunning head jewellery in Games of Thrones, with good choices and matches, the possibilities are exponentially endless.

Here are a few tips to gain that perfect hairstyle and jewellery combo.

Simple Hairdos

When you are not in the mood for fussy complex hair styles, you can simply choose to keep your hair open, tie it up in a ponytail or try a simple chic messy hairdo. To add a fancy touch to the simple hairdo you can do the following things

  1. Add an elegant bow headband matching your apparels, or using tiny cute jewels to pull a few strands to the back with hair hanging open. There is wealth of different styles of headbands you can choose from as per your dress style. You can get creative and use a combination of headbands to make it more striking or use head-chains to drape around your open hair.
  2. For pony tails, you can use a variety of pony tail holders ranging from blingy to floral concept. Make sure it complements your outfits and holds your pony tail in its place.
  3. For simple braids you can use tiny jewel pins on it or rhinestone hair clips along the braid to create a breathtaking effect.
  4. A Barrette is one of the most practical hair accessories to style your hair; it is perfect for holding your hairstyle in place, just utilizing it to pull your hair back in a simple style or sweeping it to the sides.

Complicated Hairdos

For fancy hairdo such as elaborate braids, messy hair buns, French twists and combinations of hairstyle, bobby pins are your life-savers; use unique pieces which will take the hairstyle to another level.

  1. For elaborate side braids you can use jewel encrusted bobby pins infrequently along the braid or in a single file.
  2. For intricate buns and updos, use a jewelled headband that sits easy but firm on your hair or use a jewelled brooch for structured updos. Tiny barrettes and hair combs with beautiful designs also work perfectly for such hairdos.
  3. You can also use striking tiny feathers in place of conventional hair accessories. Just make sure the feathers are placed lower down on your head.
  4. Fake floral accessories entwined with the hair braids or placed in a bunch together around your hairdo also look stunning. Make sure to fix the accessory naturally and properly or it may pose your hairstyle awkward.

Extra Tips

Use lots of bobby pins; push the bobby pins close to the scalp to hold the hair in place. In most cases, wearing sets or pairs of fancy bobby pins on the hair also look great.

Double check the hair accessories you are wearing complement your look and don’t clash with your other jewelleries. In case, you are wearing elaborate and blingy neck-gear or big earrings tone down your head jewellery and vice-versa, to balance the overall look.