Fashion Tips: Six Jewellery Styles that fit well with your Jeans

Alloy Weaving Style Attached Design Two Layer Pearls Costume Necklace - White
Alloy Weaving Style Attached Design Two Layer Pearls Costume Necklace – White


Jewelries play a major role when it comes to creating beautiful attires. One has to be extremely careful while buying jewelries for a particular function as you have to give a detailed look at the costume you are wearing so that you can judge whether your jewelry is complementing the attire or not. It is always advisable to compare different jewelries before settling on one. Moreover, the concept of mix and match in jewelries should also be done carefully. Either the jewelries should be in extreme contradiction or they should be in complete sync with each other. Moreover, you should also learn to clean and polish your jewelries in order to maintain their look. We will be discussing the match of the jewelry styles with jeans as an example in this article.

Here are six major jewelry styles that fit well with a modern outfit.

  1. Earrings: Earrings play a huge role in glorifying a girl’s beauty. Studs in most cases are the best combinations for a modern jeans outfit. A light colored dangler can sometimes be useful to attract the viewer. However, while wearing jeans try sincerely not to experiment with chandeliers because they may give you a contradictory look.
  2. Bracelets: A silver bracelet simply adds an extra oomph factor to your look. A faded jean can look really classy with a matching bracelet. Bracelets are available in a variety of fashion styles. A thick bracelet however, looks best with modern attire. Silver metallic bracelets are also extremely trendy these days.
  3. Anklets: Anklets are the new age jewelries that give an exotic look to a girl wearing it. Anklet on a single ankle is extremely trendy when a girl is wearing an above ankle narrowed jeans.
  4. Necklace: You can try to wear layered necklaces tied together which gives an extremely modern look to your attire. If you are experimenting with a colored jean, try a pearl set which gives you a different look altogether. Make sure you are not wearing a very heavy dropping neck-piece along with a jean. You can however try to wear beads with jeans.
  5. Rings: Rings are again very important when it comes to flaunting a modern look. These days rings have become an integral part of your modern look. Large rings consisting of a very big stone gives you a very different and witty look which is very much trendy these days. Apart from that simple gold or silver rings also always complement your look.
  6. Brooches: Many consider brooches to be old-fashioned and boring. Some even claim that brooches give you a dull look, but, the fact is that a well-designed brooch placed in the right location enhances your look to a large extent. While wearing a jeans, you can use a brooch to tie up your scarf on the hip of your dress or even to button your cardigan or a blazer.

While selecting jewelry you should keep in mind the design of the ornament. Many types of jewelry do not give a good look to any costume and some under-rated jewelry may suit with every costume of yours. You should have a detailed idea of the latest jewelry trends or consult a professional from this profession.