Two popular costume necklace design elements: Floral Style and Geometric Pattern

Colorful Irregular Geometries Combined Beading Costume Necklace

Necklaces are often regarded as the best way for a woman to adorn themselves. They don’t hide behind hair like earrings do, they aren’t restricted to a hidden place like rings are, they are front and centered and usually work as the centerpiece of an entire collection. That’s why choosing the right necklace is very important, because your style and fashion sense is likely to be judged by it alone.

Therefore, it won’t do to choose any plain necklace and then match it with you dress, your necklace and your dress have to work together (along with the rest of your ensemble) to create a fashionable and trendy appearance. There are various necklace patterns that work with various dresses but two of the most popular are the floral style and the geometric style which will likely never fail you and works best with a number of dress and styles.

Plain dresses are easy to accessories for as you can wear plain or simple necklaces with them. However, patterned dresses are not that easy to accessorize for because not every necklace goes with the given pattern and some of them can even clash quite badly. Floral print dresses, for example, have been making a comeback after decades of being considered too girly for modern women. However, this leaves the problem of what to wear with them and this is where floral pattern necklaces come in. For obvious reason, floral pattern necklaces work really well with floral print dresses and create an overall delicate and feminine impression.

The size of the floral print also has to be remembered as large prints often clash with smaller floral patterns. Try to match the floral pattern with the print you’re wearing. If you get a pattern in the same style as the print you’re wearing. That is excellent but don’t try to match too much as it can often result in the necklace blending in with the dress which ruins the overall image.

Dresses which have lines or shapes as print will probably work the best with geometric pattern necklaces. This is especially recommended for otherwise stockier women and gives their overall look more sophistication and elegance. Geometric pattern necklaces work well with square shaped earrings and studs. Similarly floral pattern necklaces work well with hoops and long earrings. They can also be matched with a long scarf to be wound around the neck (in a complementary color) which will also help make the necklace stand out.

Floral pattern necklaces can also be paired off with a set of earrings which may have a feather hanging from it to add the traditional or even native look. They also work very well with dresses. Geometric pattern necklaces work the best with casual wear- like and jeans and shirts- but they can also work well with slim, party like dresses which are figure hugging. Floral print dresses are freer flowing.

Therefore, both floral pattern and geometric pattern necklaces are extremely popular types of necklaces which represent their own stylistic choices and go well with many types of clothes.

Must-have Fashion Necklaces for Women

Interval Mini Beads Decorated Golden Arch Pendant Necklace - Green
Interval Mini Beads Decorated Golden Arch Pendant Necklace – Green

Fashion is forever for women and their taste in fashion reflects their preference and the trend. Styles of fashion often reflect changing mood, changes in seasons or even changes in dress sense and accessories choices. But there are certain fashion points that can be used anywhere, for anything and pretty much last forever. These are the must-have fashion items for women – beautiful necklaces!

Pearl Necklaces can probably be considered to be the number one item on this list. They are considered by many to be boring but on the contrary they are the number one sort of jewellery that complements nearly to every kind of clothing. If you’re unsure of what to wear, a string of pearls will never hurt you. They can be worn as a choker for formal occasions, can be worn as a few on a chain for strictly casual occasions and a simple pearl necklace can be worn anywhere from a formal dinner party to a fun brunch with friends.

Pearls though, do have their drawbacks as many may consider them a little out of dated in their appearance, mostly young people. For such young people, beads are the way to go. We may even consider beads to be the “pearls” for the younger generations. Beads are fun, colourful, and bright and can be worn for any casual experience. Most beads necklaces can even be looped around the wrist to wear as bracelet. They may even work with formal outfits; provide you the right match easily.

Ethnic necklaces are always the best when being paired off with traditional or even semi traditional clothing. Pairing off something traditional as upper wear with something casual like jeans along with an ethnic necklace is a new trend nowadays and something being eagerly adopted by the younger generation. Their use of gemstones and pearls add their own glamour and sophistication to the entire ensemble really made a style with nowadays popular culture.

Another recent trend in jewellery is the addition to your birth stone to your necklace. For the superstitious, it is obviously a good choice however even among the rest it is equivalent to wearing a talisman and therefore very reassuring. This can be converted to a fashion statement, thus becoming a statement in its own right. In earlier times, the necklaces used to be extremely straight laced and boring but nowadays they look very chic in order to attract the younger crowd.

The type of fashion necklace you wear also depends heavily on the type of face and neck you have. It also depends on our fashion sense as women who tend to wear plunging necklines should obviously not wear long necklaces as the pendant is more likely than not to get stuck in the cleavage. Women with more curves should not go for gold jewellery as it will not make them look good and instead go for longer chain necklaces. Gold jewellery should be reserved for taller women, with a slimmer profile. If there’s one metal anyone can wear, its silver. So for necklaces choices, women should bear these in mind to make sure a best decision.

In a word, there are a number of necklaces women can choose depending on their like and dislikes and also their body types. There are also those certain fashion necklaces which can survive any seasons and any occasions, with the discussed fashion styles of necklaces, there is always one style fits in and embellishes women’s appearance and changes their life. Women will always choose wisely according to their preferences for the lovely necklaces and make themselves look more beautiful. Fashion Necklaces are always women’s best friends and must-haves in all fashion trends.