The Outlook of 2015 Vintage Jewellery Design Trend

Vintage Hollow Flower Vines Design Chunky Necklace - Vintage Copper
Vintage Hollow Flower Vines Design Chunky Necklace – Vintage Copper

Vintage jewelry design trends have undergone a significant evolution in the last three to four years. There is now an entirely different approach to antique jewelry items especially in the developed countries. Also vintage jewelry designs are always believed to be an important trend in wholesale fashion jewelry market. To know more about these trends, read on with no hesitant.

New Fashion for Mixed Styles and Forms

Antique jewelry design trends now comprise of accessories made up of bright colors that are mixed with neutral colors. The jewelry pieces with this design can look quite remarkable when worn to a formal event in the evening. These can also constitute perfect day time wear for members of both the sexes.

Over-sized Pieces for Both Genders

Over-sized jewelry pieces are now much in vogue among both men and women. Vintage jewelry and accessories are following the trend as well. Over-sized pieces look great on men and women who are of a large or medium height. Also, the exaggerating style is in fashion trend now and are the best worn to the informal events and occasions.

Rust Colored Pieces

Rust colored vintage jewelry items are quite the rage in the various countries of South and Southeast Asia. Metal and copper bangles are being greatly worn. So are vintage bronze hoop earrings and earring studs. Men in particular are very fond of the vintage earring studs.

Gold Jewelry popular among Youth

Golden jewelry like bangles and bracelets comprise of popular vintage jewelry items in India. These are being worn by men and women in the age group between twenty five and fifty. Since gold is a pure metal such jewelry items can be expected to last forever. They also have a high resale value.

Bracelets with Intricate Designs

Bracelets that feature intricate designs on them are common among vintage jewelry items these days. The intricate designs make the bracelets look subtle and sophisticated. The bracelets are usually made of silver. At times these can even be found made in platinum. This is a more expensive metal than even gold.

Earrings featuring Diamond Studs

Diamond studded earrings have always been in fashion since time immemorial. As a result these are among the best known of vintage jewelry items. These are items that are trending heavily now. The diamond earrings are known to be characterized by a high resale value.

Easy Access Online

To come across vintage jewelry items is not a very difficult thing to do nowadays. These can be easily found for sale in various jewelry stores online. The online stores are known to offer great deals and discounts on the sale of vintage jewelry items. Such discounts are really worth taking advantage of.

Possibilities for Exchange

There are times when customers might just be able to engage in exchanging jewelry. The exchange needs to be carried out within the first three days of the transaction. At the time of the exchange the receipt of the product needs to be produced by the customer. The Internet also helps the exchanges of the vintage jewelries and the trend will become more and more popular with the development of technology.

Available on Social Media Platforms

The sale of vintage jewelry is now so well known that even major social media sites are taking recourse to selling them. Online stores usually take the responsibility of providing free home delivery services to customers.

Having discussed the above trends of vintage jewelry, we can conclude the 2015 will be a prosperous year for vintage jewelry with fashion development and integration in all forms. Also, more and more people will be able to obtain the access of vintage jewelry so as to wear them. Therefore, we believe vintage jewelry will set a new era among jewelry fashion in the coming new year with its popularity.

An Eternal Design Theme for Fashion Necklace: The Cross

Gorgeous Vintage Diamonds Embedded Cross Pendant Necklace
Gorgeous Vintage Diamonds Embedded Cross Pendant Necklace


Popular culture adopts the symbol of the cross as their identification

Be it Britney Spear’s diamond-studded cross pendant or plain gothic black cross around Avril Lavigne’s neck, popular culture has integrated religion as part of the revolt against the old and the archaic. The gothic subgenre that gave birth to the fascinating tradition of wearing the cross as a style statement is not a recent trend in fashion. It in fact spans back to the 1980s, when the gothic style was emerging as the new generation’s very voice.

The gothic theme in jewelry made use of religious and occult symbols and signs, and readily crystallized its appeal that transcended the contemporary scene. It laid an eternal imprint on the minds of like-minded people who sought to discover their individuality, as redefined by the subculture of the gothic.

Because the cross is here to stay

The Cross is definitely here to stay for eternity. Religion and symbols could never go out of fashion unless of course, the skeptics take control of the world someday, and convert our society into a futuristic dummy. Many fashion jewelry retailers offer to customize cross pendants or necklaces as per the needs and requirements of their customers. For example, precious gems and stones or even colorful crystals could be embedded in a cross. It will only make it look more appealing, unique, and vibrant.

Musicians, youth, and symbolism

Fashion necklaces bearing a cross is one of the most sought after style statements, for musicians and youth especially. These two groups comprise of people who have surrounded themselves with novel belief systems, simply by upgrading the old ones with their evolutionary instinct. And because it defies all that the archaic past might have to offer them, they generally prefer to stick with the revised trends.

The cross could never go out of fashion

Due to the cross symbol being clubbed with vintage and antique jewelry, it has a special appeal and that which never goes out of vogue. Not today, not ever. Cross fashion neckpieces have a tremendous scope for constant up-gradation in terms of style, while keeping the everlasting underlying cross design as static.

The clergy as the advertiser of the invincible symbol

While the clergy advertised the idea of the extraordinary symbol during the medieval times, it really seems to have been materialized only after it was adopted by popular icons vis-à-vis the culture extrapolating such information out of it. Amazing, right?

The mystery within the cross

Indeed, the cross manifests an eternal design theme within itself, at least as long as ‘God is NOT dead.’ Symbols are in general really fascinating if you think about it. They have an air of mystery around them. One that makes you want to believe and give them a chance to say epic things to you, things that you might be unaware of.

It is to do with energy and vibrations. Some people believe they can heal, others think that they can avert bad spirits from harming you. Of course, there is no physical evidence to prove such claims, yet it is interesting to note that since people associate the cross design with religion, a highly personal field of experience, to mobilize the enchanting symbol into fashion neckpieces was a great move and definitely worth it.

How to wisely choose the right jewelry set for your summer parties?

Summer Fashion Assorted Candy Color Combo Necklace
Summer Fashion Assorted Candy Color Combo Necklace


There are numerous ways to show off your precious jewelry at various occasions. However, nothing beats summer parties as the most gracious opportunity to do so. So what is stopping you from looking as cheerful as you feel about a spring party? Let me guess. Is it the jewelry? Of course it is.

Well, you do not have to worry about that anymore. I am here to prevent the impending doom that might knock your door, as soon as you realize that you would rather have spent more time on thinking about the right accessories than the color of your dress. Not to say that it is totally unimportant. But you get the point.

Summer parties can range from remote alfresco gatherings to nice and cozy backyard barbecue or more elegant outdoor cocktail parties. However, one thing that remains constant across all kinds of themes and genres of summer parties is the need to look as bright and colorful under the warm sun.

So I am going to focus on all of the above including cheerful summer gatherings of friends and acquaintances, maybe a pool party or a summer picnic, anything and everything that might end in enjoying a sunny day in an alfresco setting.

I have some jewelry tips for you that you might want to consider while deciding the kind of accessories to go with your dress along with some things that you should just prevent doing in general.

  1. Jewelry is seasonal too. The foremost thing to realize is that jewelry is just as seasonal as your clothes. And that a neckpiece, bracelet, and a ring coupled with a pair of earrings are enough to style you for a summer party. However, keeping in mind the necessity to pick out accessories while color-coordinating with the kind of dress you intend to wear at this occasion, is just as important too. So avoid blindly stuffing yourself with anything and everything you own at once, and try putting an effort into setting the right contrast instead.
  1. Big chunky beads will work just fine. While most people would boast about their summer collection of fancy clothing when going to a summer party, I would rather like to spend the same amount of time on selecting appropriate jewelry to adorn myself with, so as to stand out of the crowd. Although that could just be me, yet I’m pretty sure that there are people out there who may prefer to look more casual and simple while spicing it up with bold and chunky neckpieces and bracelets. But remember, big bulky jewelry goes with anything with neutral colors only. So bright floral prints or anything with heavily patterns on it should definitely be avoided.
  1. A colored gem or a stone for a ring is a must for a summer alfresco. Bracelets and earrings are like sidekicks of the main component of the set which is the necklace. So remember to coordinate them according to the kind of necklace and the dress. The ring of course gives you an elegant look as your hand gestures become more prominent while femininity just oozes out of you while you are moving your delicate hands around. Fairly big rings with gems or stones are mostly a good choice to show off at a cocktail party. However, too many rings would exactly reverse the situation since summer clothing is already very expressive.

Most of all, remember to wear a smile with your well-chosen delicate jewelry for it is a real asset. One that could never go out of season too!