Online Costume Jewelry Purchase Tips: Start Dressing Yourself with the Best Jewelry Choices

With the increase in the price rates and costs of the gold items, it has become an impossible task for women all across the globe to purchase the items and exhibit their class and style. Fashion jewelry has really done an amazing work as an alternative to it and has acquired immense popularity over the last few years.

Twined Snake Ear Stud - Golden
Twined Snake Ear Stud – Golden

It was always there in the market

If you explore the market minutely, you will come to know that fashion jewelry items were always available and easily accessible but over the past few years it has grabbed the attention and the eyeballs of the common public at a higher rate. Are you looking for ways to add up some spice to your look and accessorize with the latest trends?

Costume jewelry is a huge craze among the women worldwide

Fashion or costume jewelry was once known as “paste”. They are usually made of inexpensive and cheap materials but giving the impression of expensive and elegant items. Whether you are looking for neck pieces, ear studs, finger rings, belly button rings or any sort of items to deck yourself up and accessorize your look in compatible with your dress, you won’t be disappointed.

What makes fashion jewelry such a huge trend?

  • They are cheap and affordable.
  • Available in abundant designs, colors and with different materials.
  • They can be perfectly matched with your dress.
  • It is impossible to distinguish their authenticity with that of gold items with your naked eyes.
  • The feature of being comfortable to wear all day long.

They are available in the online retail stores as well

You don’t have to spend the entire day searching for the exclusive costume jewelry item from one shop to the other and wasting your time and energy. The option of online shopping has made things easier and simpler for you. Don’t you think so? But there are certain factors that must be kept in mind while purchasing online items.

  • Always go for a reliable and efficient source of purchase.
  • You must buy products from such a store that gives you the option of trials before purchasing it finally.
  • Look for the items that offer the return policy.
  • Warranty is one such factor that must not be ignored too.
  • What the customer reviews and feedbacks have to say about the specific item?
  • Check whether it is shipped in the optimal condition.
  • Is it in the latest fashion trend?
  • You should never miss the discounts and rebates and make the most out of these offers

Keeping all the above mentioned factors you have to make up your mind and go for the investment.

Is it worth investing money on them?

Fashion jewelry is usually made of cheap and inexpensive materials like simulated gemstones, cubic zirconium, lab created stones etc. But this doesn’t mean that there is any compromise with the quality of the products. In fact, you can get hold of some of the top notch standard items from the online retail at a budget friendly cost. It is time when you should start dressing yourself with the best jewelry choices and make your visual appeal unparalleled.

How the Right Fashion bracelets can make women more Attractive?

What makes a woman look attractive? Is it only looks and can looks alone suffice.

Punk Style Dull Polish Decorated Bending Sheet Bangle - Silver
Punk Style Dull Polish Decorated Bending Sheet Bangle – Silver

There are few things which get to design the hands. Other than watches, religious sentiment (see India), the most commonly otherwise seen ornament should be the bracelet. These have long frequented to accentuate the body more than others and the right bracelet can do a multitude to make a woman look her best. The question is how to pick the best suited to you.

Well, since ages, women have used ornaments which have become an essence of their persona, there are some which have seen great heights and keep getting reinvented over from time to time. A bracelet happens to be just one of them. Bracelets are the most commonly worn accessory and are most reserved for occasions or by the one who have sported them well. There are some of these ornaments which go on to be statement for you, the bracelet just fits right there. It is not the easiest to pick and can take deliberate attempts to get the best one on any woman’s wrist. After all it’s not like a wrist watch. It’s beyond a purpose, probably being a design to the hand. Though bracelets are not only limited to only wrists, and have already spread to the ankles which is sported and is much in vogue. There’s barely a reason which justifies why women opt for a particular ornament, since most actually are a statement within individuals which invariably is a personality amplifier.

Just like any accessory which identified well for the body, the bracelet too can make a stunningly high impact to its wearer, sometimes of power, sometimes sophistication and then pure admirable beauty. Being attractive is hardly only an art, it’s also a science. A science, which helps identify which ornament, fits best for the individual.

A bracelet in fact goes on to be a distinguishable art on the hand which is so distinctive other than the regular accessories that women ordain. Fashion doesn’t have any definitive tool, it’s becomes a definition with the list of stuff that can be best put up for making one appear attractive. Mostly kept to the profiles of high socialites who can afford the right bracelets, many common women chose to ignore this fine aspect of dressing up and keep them confined to the bangles in a country like India. Whereas in other parts of the society, the bracelet is making its strong presence as a must-have even in the daily wear than just for the occasional statement. For the legs, in fact the bracelet has been one of the most primitive jewelry worn by women and can be best traced back to its history in rural parts.

Irrespective of whichever design that women go for it stands out since the hands remain one of most used aspect of the body and it’s hard to miss them despite even an interaction. So stand out a chance to cast an impression even without having said a word.

How to Choose the Most Beautiful Jewelry for Your Lady on the Coming Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to gift your lady love a special gift on this occasion. Now there are a number of things that you can present her on this day like her favorite perfume, scented candle sets, a bunch of red roses or a box of exotic chocolate and she will love it no matter what. However nothing can express the sentiments of love, fondness, and affection and send her heart in flutter other than a beautiful jewelry piece. So it doesn’t matter if you are a first time lover, a boyfriend of ten years, a husband of over three decades or a partner for life, your women will love and cherish the jewelry forever.

Jewelry items are important for women; they not only make them look beautiful but they remind her of occasions and a lot of emotions are attached with them. You need to consider the kind of woman she is and what jewelry she prefers but even then selecting jewelry for Valentine’s Day can be tricky as a number of factors queue up, and the budget is not the only thing that needs to be considered. So if you are confused and want to know ‘how to choose the most beautiful jewelry for your lady love’ then this is where you stop. Here are some budget friendly yet gorgeous jewelry ideas for your lover.

  1. Are you a young graduate and a bit low on budget but want to stray away from the typical rings and bracelets? Then this is your chance to give your girlfriend a unique jewelry piece, a rose gold cuff, inspired from a rail road spike.  Available on online stores, its exclusive design and quirky feature will surely please her.
  2. If numerous Skype calls, chats and phone conversations laid the foundation of your relationship then it’s time to remind her of all the fun and loving moments you had by giving her a smiley gold emoticon pendent with ruby hearts for its eyes hanging all the time around her neck.
  3. They say ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, and they are not wrong. If you are years into the marriage or starting a new one, give her diamond ring in gold or platinum to express the feelings of love.
  4. Too bored of rings and pendants? Then why not give her a charm bracelet in gold or rose gold. The charm bracelet can be personalized and thus it will be a thoughtful and special jewelry piece for your lover.
  5. There is no other better way to show you lady love how much you love her other than a pair of promise ring. These rings features gemstones or diamonds and personal messages can be engraved too which will confirm your commitments.
  6. You can also go for the age old but always valued gold openable pendent with a picture of you and you lady love stored inside it.

So don’t wait for the last day and get anything for her, make her Valentine’s Day special for your lady love by giving her a beautiful jewelry piece that she will remember and cherish for days to come.

The Perfect Bowknot Design for Fashion Jewelry Trend


Elegant Red Crystal Bowknot Pendant Necklace


To be or not to be is the question, well; the latest fashion jewelry trend to rock the fashion circuit is the classic bowknot design. The Bowknot design is every girl’s favorite weather as a hair accessory or on a dress and now it has been interpreted and incorporated into fashion jewelry. The bowknot design now comes as ornate rings, statement necklaces to trendy ear studs and even as fashionable brooches.

The bowknot design is simple, classy yet when applied to a specific ensemble it lends an edgy look and it is also one of the coolest fashion trends this season which women of all ages can look forward to.  The bowknot jewelry can be worn on any occasion and looks chic when worn as a bracelet, a dainty pendent or as a hair accessory. So if you are looking for the perfect bowknot design for fashion jewelry then look no further, as listed below are some of the latest bowknot design jewelry form the fashion arena.

  1. The bowknot design fashion bracelet is a new favorite among many women; the cute bracelet comes in metallic shaded of rose gold, gold and white gold. The bowknot bracelet has a dainty bowknot charm mainly studded or attached to a chain or metal path and the unique design not only looks sleek around the hand but adds a feminine touch to the entire look.
  2. The bowknot necklace and bowknot pendants are also preferred not only by girls and young women for informal occasions but if picked correctly it can also brighten up a drab formal outfit for a woman of any age. The bowknot necklace works as statement necklaces as well; they are mainly elaborate and come in lacy and ornate forms over fabric and are suitable for a night out or a party. The bowknot pendants are more dainty and subtle and are suitable for formal occasions or to highlight a casual outfit.
  3. Many women have a passion for quirky and unconventional finger rings, something that stands out and make a statement, and the bowknot design finger ringer is just for them and anyone who shares a similar taste in unconventional jewelry. Trendy and stylish, the bowknot finger rings can work as cocktail rings but can also be worn on a casual affair. They are available on online stores and come in chunky sizes to small filigree pattern. Choose a bowknot ring in metal or pearl to rock an otherwise regular outfit or slip in a jeweled one to hike up your fashion quotient for an evening party.
  4.  A bowknot design good quality brooch or a pair of cute bowknot ear stud can make you look attractive and gorgeous all day long. Brooches are meant to accessorize an outfit and what better way to do it than adding a bowknot design brooch in simple metal pattern or studded to your coat and sweater to lend a warm touch to the cold winter days. Don’t forget to put on the bowknot design ear studs that come in punk rivet patterns to sparkling crystals or in random pop colors.
  5. The bowknot design is however not just limited to traditional jewelry pieces. Bowknot designs have found its way into unconventional jewelry items like enameled naval ring to eyebrow ring. Bowknot designs are also found in various hair accessories.

So be the young girl you wanted to be even if you have left those years behind and lose yourself in the coolest and trendiest bowknot design fashion jewelries.

2014 Necklace Fashion Ideas for the Collar Neckline

Colorful Beading Collar Design Fashion Necklace

The latest and the most popular fashion neck accessory to hit the style arena is the statement Collar or the Bib Necklaces. So get over dainty pendants and chains because this fashion accessory can lend a glamorous and gorgeous touch to an otherwise simple dress, blouse or sweater. The Collar necklace weather ornate, studded, lacy or uncomplicated can brighten up any outfit and on any occasion. So if you are wondering how to glam up your outfits for a special date, a day out with your friend or for a wedding then look no further, below are some collar necklace fashion ideas for 2014.

Peter Pan collar Necklace

The Peter Pan Collar Necklace is one of the trendiest and beloved forms of necklace for the collar neckline. Shaped like Peter Pan collar or baby collar, it comes in various forms from metallic, beaded to simple lace. The metallic Peter Pan collar necklaces are available in an array of pop mono colors and can instantly intensify any look and are suitable for a day out or any night affair.  Peter pan necklaces also come in shiny metallic colors like gold, silver, rose gold and black metal. The patterns include filigree, beaded over fabric with back ribbon closures, multi-chained layered, sequined over metal base or simply detachable fabric collar to wear over off-shouldered blouse or dresses. The Peter Pan necklace adds an old school yet contemporary charm to any casual outfit.

 Bib Collar Necklace

When your outfit seems too drab and a chain pendent looks flat around your neck and you want a quick twist to add drama to it then nothing will suit you better than a bejeweled bib collar necklace. The bib collar necklace is a statement neck accessory almost similar to the Peter Pan collar necklace with little difference. Unlike the Peter Pan collar necklace the bib necklace is designed in one continues form and falls around your neck pretty much like a bib. With the Inspiration from the Egyptian neck accessories, a whole lot of creativity goes into making these neckpieces. The lacy pattern on fabric lends a smart and chic touch to a simple blouse where as a beaded bib necklace can make you stand out from the crowd. The bib necklaces are not only stylish but are light and comfortable to carry off as well.

Halo Collar Necklace

Nothing looks more stunning and edgy with a white peplus blouse or an off shoulder dress than a metallic halo collar necklace around your neck. This style of collar necklace which looks a headphone with flattened out edges is slightly premature in design but that is where its charm lies. It comes in metallic patterns to sleek gold and silver lines that circle around the neck. You can also wear it by flipping it around and making it a reverse collar necklace. This way you can show a little amount of skin around your neck, it provides a clean yet accentuates the neckline when worn with a strapless dress or blouse.

Chocker Collar Necklace

A statement necklace combined with the traditional design of a chocker necklace makes way for the chic chocker collar necklace. Elaborate in design, this neck wear is suitable for traditional as well as contemporary outfits ranging from bridal wear to slash neck blouses and shirts. The chocker collar necklace stays mainly around the upper neckline and is unique mainly de to its embellished design. It comes is studded forms, and at times, enameled for a bohemian look. It can be linked or can come in a solid pattern but no matter what the design the chocker necklace never fails to impress the fashion police in town.

So don’t limit yourself with petite and traditional neckpieces this season and make a bold and bright statement by adorning these chic and exciting Collar necklaces.