2014 Necklace Fashion Ideas for the Collar Neckline

Colorful Beading Collar Design Fashion Necklace

The latest and the most popular fashion neck accessory to hit the style arena is the statement Collar or the Bib Necklaces. So get over dainty pendants and chains because this fashion accessory can lend a glamorous and gorgeous touch to an otherwise simple dress, blouse or sweater. The Collar necklace weather ornate, studded, lacy or uncomplicated can brighten up any outfit and on any occasion. So if you are wondering how to glam up your outfits for a special date, a day out with your friend or for a wedding then look no further, below are some collar necklace fashion ideas for 2014.

Peter Pan collar Necklace

The Peter Pan Collar Necklace is one of the trendiest and beloved forms of necklace for the collar neckline. Shaped like Peter Pan collar or baby collar, it comes in various forms from metallic, beaded to simple lace. The metallic Peter Pan collar necklaces are available in an array of pop mono colors and can instantly intensify any look and are suitable for a day out or any night affair.  Peter pan necklaces also come in shiny metallic colors like gold, silver, rose gold and black metal. The patterns include filigree, beaded over fabric with back ribbon closures, multi-chained layered, sequined over metal base or simply detachable fabric collar to wear over off-shouldered blouse or dresses. The Peter Pan necklace adds an old school yet contemporary charm to any casual outfit.

 Bib Collar Necklace

When your outfit seems too drab and a chain pendent looks flat around your neck and you want a quick twist to add drama to it then nothing will suit you better than a bejeweled bib collar necklace. The bib collar necklace is a statement neck accessory almost similar to the Peter Pan collar necklace with little difference. Unlike the Peter Pan collar necklace the bib necklace is designed in one continues form and falls around your neck pretty much like a bib. With the Inspiration from the Egyptian neck accessories, a whole lot of creativity goes into making these neckpieces. The lacy pattern on fabric lends a smart and chic touch to a simple blouse where as a beaded bib necklace can make you stand out from the crowd. The bib necklaces are not only stylish but are light and comfortable to carry off as well.

Halo Collar Necklace

Nothing looks more stunning and edgy with a white peplus blouse or an off shoulder dress than a metallic halo collar necklace around your neck. This style of collar necklace which looks a headphone with flattened out edges is slightly premature in design but that is where its charm lies. It comes in metallic patterns to sleek gold and silver lines that circle around the neck. You can also wear it by flipping it around and making it a reverse collar necklace. This way you can show a little amount of skin around your neck, it provides a clean yet accentuates the neckline when worn with a strapless dress or blouse.

Chocker Collar Necklace

A statement necklace combined with the traditional design of a chocker necklace makes way for the chic chocker collar necklace. Elaborate in design, this neck wear is suitable for traditional as well as contemporary outfits ranging from bridal wear to slash neck blouses and shirts. The chocker collar necklace stays mainly around the upper neckline and is unique mainly de to its embellished design. It comes is studded forms, and at times, enameled for a bohemian look. It can be linked or can come in a solid pattern but no matter what the design the chocker necklace never fails to impress the fashion police in town.

So don’t limit yourself with petite and traditional neckpieces this season and make a bold and bright statement by adorning these chic and exciting Collar necklaces.